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40% discount on books, eBooks and DVDs

Human Kinetics 40 Years of ExcellenceAs part of our 40th Anniversary celebrations, HK Rewards Members can save 40% OFF existing books, ebooks and DVDs until the 31st August, 2014.

If you’re not already an HK Rewards Member you will need to sign up to the scheme to get the full 40% – if you prefer not to you’ll still get a generous discount of 25% simply by quoting Promo Code R906 on your order.

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Fitness testing for youngsters with disabilities

The Brockport Physical Fitness Test revolutionised fitness testing for youngsters with disabilities when first published in 1999.

This significantly updated edition takes up where the original left off, offering adapted physical education teachers the most complete health-related fitness testing programme available for youngsters with physical and mental disabilities.

Normal Price: £28.99 I €37.70
HK Rewards 40% discount price: £17.39 I £22.62

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Physical assessment of triathletes

Traditionally the focus of triathlon is on volume, intensity and training periodization which consists typically of doing particular workouts during the months, weeks and days leading up to a race.

But what if triathletes could improve performance without logging extra distance on the road or in the water? Well that is the very promise made by Triathletes in Motion.

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US ‘soccer moms’ sue FIFA over concussions

Youth SoccerA group of young American footballers and their parents are suing FIFA and US football groups over the risks from concussions.

The California class-action lawsuit accuses the sport’s governing bodies of acting “carelessly and negligently” and failing to protect young players.

The filing also calls for new safety rules, including limiting the number of headers for young players.

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Run faster, stronger and longer

Run faster, stronger and longer whilst remaining injury-free, that’s the promise made by Mastering Running

A comprehensive resource for fitness and competitive runners aged 30 and above, Mastering Running proves that age is no obstacle to excellence.

With information and advice on topics that matter most to older runners, it provides drills, exercises and training plans.

Normal Price £13.99 l €18.20
HK Rewards 40% off: £8.39 l €10.92

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Hitting the ground running

Usain Bolt New research shows that world-class sprinters attack the ground to maximise impact forces and speed according to two new studies from Southern Methodist University, Dallas

The world’s fastest sprinters have unique gait features that account for their ability to achieve fast speeds and the new findings indicate that the secret to elite sprinting speeds lies in the distinct limb dynamics sprinters use to elevate ground forces upon foot-ground impact.

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