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Download the free webinar, Safe Dance Practice: Enhancing Participation

Safe Dance Practice: Enhancing Participation
Presented by Edel Quin MSc, FHEA, Sonia Rafferty MSc, FHEA and Charlotte Tomlinson MSc, PGCE

A recorded version of the webinar is now available and you can view it at

A PDF of the slide presentation is also available at

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Major operators sign up to provide free National Fitness Day sessions

Fitness Day RunnersMany leading fitness industry operators have already signed up to offer free health and fitness sessions across their sites as part of the most active day of the year on National Fitness Day.

On Wednesday September 9th there will be free health and fitness sessions available to the public, members and non-members alike, to get thousands of people moving and taking part in the year’s biggest celebration of physical activity.

With over 800 sites already registered, this event is seen as the sector’s chance to showcase the great work being done every day as well as a way to engage potential new members and do something different for existing members.

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Take part in the European Week of Sport

The first ever European Week of Sport will be held in September as part of plans to combat the decline in physical activity across the continent.

Taking place from 7-13 September, the initiative is being driven by the European Commission (EC) and will be organised at national, regional and local level and is structured to include themes and activities that appeal to all audiences.

The EC is encouraging clubs, gyms, schools, universities, employers and volunteer groups to register and take part by organising their own European Week of Sport-themed activities – intended to attract people who are currently inactive.

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The first comprehensive guide to eccentric training

This is the first comprehensive resource to cover this innovative approach to resistance training and conditioning that produces extraordinary results.

Backed by evidence-based studies and readily incorporated into training programmes, eccentric training provides greater intensity to help individuals push past plateaus and increase muscular strength, endurance and power.

Using this method, strength and conditioning professionals and personal trainers can also help their clients improve metabolism, manage their weight and facilitate injury rehabilitation.

Normal Price: £35.49 I €49.70
HK Rewards: £28.39 I €39.76

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Resistance training can help sufferers of fatty liver disease

overweight man on bike

Resistance training can be an effective alternative to cardio.

Resistance training in the gym leads to a fall in liver fat levels according to a new study held at the University of Haifa .

“For patients suffering from physical limitations or low motivation that prevents them performing aerobic exercises, resistance training can be an effective alternative,” comments Dr. Shira Zelber-Sagi from the School of Public Health, who undertook the study.

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