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“Get up offa that thing”

Standing DeskThe On Your Feet Britain Challenge dares you to take James Brown at his word and convert ‘sitting time’ to ‘standing time’.

“On Your Feet Britain” is taking place on the 24th April 2015 when it is hoped workers across Britain will take on the challenge to sit less and move more whilst having a bit of fun and raising vital funds to fight heart disease.

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Teaching swimming to Primary School children

Complete Guide to Primary Swimming is designed to assist school teachers with limited knowledge and experience of teaching swimming to deliver the swimming component of the National Curriculum for key stages 1 and 2.

Teachers already possess a range of skills and expertise that can be easily transferred into the pool environment and by demystifying the teaching of swimming this book allows them to teach it effectively, safely and enjoyably.

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Between five and seven is the best age to learn to swim

Swimming lessonRecent research in the Journal of Motor Learning and Development reports that the optimum age for children to begin formal swimming lessons is between five and seven years of age.

A study was conducted of 272 children who started formal swimming lessons between the ages of three and eight.

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Using foam rollers as part of client exercise programmes

A continuing education course for personal trainers, mind-body professionals, allied health specialists and other fitness professionals.

It will show you how the foam roller can be used as part of any client’s workout to improve balance, core stability, strength and flexibility.

Through it you will gain the tools to enable you to evaluate posture and flexibility deficits and use the foam roller to address these problem areas.

Course components consist of a workbook and exam and are supplied as printed products.

Price: £46.66 l €60.67

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NHS’s inexplicable approach to obesity

obesity (2)MPs say it is “inexplicable” that the NHS in England spends more on bariatric surgery than well-established measures to prevent obesity.

A report by the Health Select Committee says health workers should use every opportunity to deal with the problem.

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