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This weekend save 20% on two of our most popular NSCA online courses.

The NSCA-CPT and NSCA-CSCS certifications are widely recognised as the credentials for personal training professionals, not just in America, but around the world.

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NSCA-CPTNSCA’s Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA-CPT) Enhanced Online Study/CE Course With eBook

£201.99 / €262.60
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NSCA-CSCSNSCA’s Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) Enhanced Online Study/CE Course With eBook
£168.32 / €218.83
£134.66 / €175.06

School Rugby
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School rugby plan ‘too dangerous’

The UK government plan to fund and to increase participation in rugby in schools has not been informed by injury data, experts warn in The British Medical Journal.

Professor Allyson Pollock and colleagues at Queen Mary University of London say the government “should ensure the safety and effectiveness of (school) sports” and call for injury surveillance and prevention programmes to be established to help reduce injury rates.

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Rugby technique, game sense and fitness

Developed by one of the game’s top coaches and endorsed by the Rugby Football Union, Rugby Games & Drills contains over 115 games and drills designed to bring out the very best in players, regardless of age or ability or rugby code.

This book is packed with the most effective games and drills for improving core skills such as handling, kicking and decision making while providing tough physical challenges.

In addition, the detailed descriptions with accompanying illustrations will help you make the most of training sessions and ensure you are ready for game day.

Normal price: £16.99 I €22.10
HK Rewards: £13.59 I €17.68
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Small portions of fast food as effective for recovery as sports supplements

A new study, recently published by the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, found there was no significant difference in glycogen recovery when cyclists ate fast food after a workout compared to when they ingested traditional sports supplements such as Gatorade.

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A systematic guide to explosive plyometric power training

High-powered PlyometricsHigh-Powered Plyometrics is a systematic guide to explosive power training for athletes, coaches and strength and conditioning experts.

It explores the principles of high-intensity plyometric training, power assessments and the development of both long and short-term conditioning programmes.

Detailed photo sequences, step-by-step instruction and intensity guidelines, all ensure correct technique for exercises designed to increase power in the core and both the upper and lower body.

These exercises can be incorporated into existing programmes, or adapted for sports such as football, basketball, track and field, volleyball and wrestling.

Normal Price: £14.99 I €19.50
HK Rewards Price: £11.99 I €15.60

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