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Every Second Counts

Walk in the parkLow-intensity exercise like walking for a minute at a time can cut blood pressure and even housework and gardening chores can add years to your life.

Inactive people who take up low-intensity activities for a minute at a time can cut blood pressure and cholesterol while boosting their well-being.

The breakthrough comes after tests showed it is better to keep moving throughout the day rather than undertake an intense burst of exercise followed by rest.

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Sunlight continues to damage skin hours for hours

SunburnSunlight continues to damage people’s skin and increase the risk of cancer for hours after they leave the beach and head indoors, according to a study published in the journal Science.

Stepping under the shade of an umbrella after soaking in some sun might feel like an instant cool, but your skin cells have a postsunshine hangover that lasts for hours.

In fact, molecules excited by the ultraviolet (UV) rays keep on damaging the DNA in skin cells even in complete darkness, researchers have discovered.

The finding could lead to a new generation of skin cancer preventives that are applied after a day in the sun and block these delayed effects.

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Using music and video to make high-intensity exercise more pleasant

Exercising to musicResearch in the Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology suggests that music-only and music-and-video stimuli lead to the highest enjoyment of exercise, regardless of intensity, among study participants.

The study examined various psychological measures of participants during and after stationary cycling at two intensities. Subjects were exposed to four conditions: music only, video only, music and video, and control.

These results could have salient implications for exercise professionals in improving attitudes of clients who are new or returning to fitness towards activities that they would otherwise avoid due to negative attitudes and feelings of fatigue.

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Taking a personalised approach to exercise

This book expands the role of the fitness professional from simple exercise prescription to include activity counselling, design modification, exercise demonstration, functionally integrated exercise, injury prevention and follow-up monitoring.

Central to the book are seven client-centered models for each major fitness component, serving as a template of options for each decision in the prescription process.

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Hk Rewards: £35.19 I €45.76

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Free coaching webinars

WadeGilbert_SLC2014Putting Athletes’ Interests First for More Powerful Coaching
Wednesday, 25th February, 2015
6:00 – 7:00 pm GMT
Leadership styles in coaching are as diverse as the coaches themselves, yet a review of the research and coaching literature shows that the most effective coaches adopt an athlete-centered leadership style.

Join us for Wade Gilbert’s latest webinar which will discuss how successful coaches apply athlete-centered leadership styles such as transformational, servant and altruistic leadership approaches.

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