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Rugby technique, game sense and fitness

Developed by one of the game’s top coaches and endorsed by the Rugby Football Union, Rugby Games & Drills contains over 115 games and drills designed to bring out the very best in players, regardless of age or ability or rugby code.

This book is packed with the most effective games and drills for improving core skills such as handling, kicking and decision making while providing tough physical challenges.

In addition, the detailed descriptions with accompanying illustrations will help you make the most of training sessions and ensure you are ready for game day.

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Children put off sport by parents’ bad behaviour

Sports-parentChildren as young as eight are being put off sport by the behaviour of their parents, according to a survey by the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) and cricket charity Chance to Shine.

Of the 1,002 eight to 16 year olds surveyed, 45% said the bad behaviour of parents made them feel like not wanting to take part in sport.

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Teaching swimming by ability rather than age

Assessments and Activities for Teaching SwimmingSwimming is a widely popular sport and activity with great health-related fitness benefits.

However a significant percentage of children are unable to swim with any degree of skill, meaning not only are they missing out on the health benefits, but they also are at risk when in the water.

Part of that risk comes from receiving either no instruction or no differentiated instruction.

Children receiving swimming lessons are commonly grouped by age but many lack the basic skills required for their age level.

Assessments and Activities for Teaching Swimming solves this problem by offering differentiated instruction for every participant in any class or programme, based on each participant’s aquatic developmental level.

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New advice on the role of coaches in schools

The Youth Sport Trust and National Partners have issued a joint statement reinforcing their commitment to sustaining high quality PE and school sport – and ensuring that all young people have the best possible introduction through PE teaching and sports coaching.

They believe that as a result of any direct investment into PE and school sport (i.e. the current Primary PE & Sport Premium), there must be long term change in the quality of teaching and learning as well as the contribution of PE and sport to whole school standards.

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The complete package for teaching creative dance

This is an unparalleled resource for dance teachers looking for a conceptual creative dance curriculum that supports teaching to learners of all ages from infants through to adults.

Whether in a studio, company, recreational or educational setting, you’ll discover a comprehensive and well-rounded approach to teaching dance that emphasizes the how as much as the why.

The book also includes access to an exclusive web resource that presents five video clips of author Anne Green Gilbert demonstrating various teaching strategies, plus 40 printable lesson plans and other editable and reproducible forms.

It’s like having an experienced dance teacher at your side offering inspiration and guidance all year round.

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