The Grandest ever Grand Départ

16 July 2014, 09:47

sw07_TDF_Stage_OneAlthough the Tour de France has now départed these shores, for those of us who witnessed first hand the incredible scenes over the three UK stages the memories will linger on for years to come.

Any fears that the people of Yorkshire would not come out to support the event were soon dispelled when it became clear that this event was going to be something very special.

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Chokers or Champs, the art of the penalty shootout

10 July 2014, 11:14

Sneider penalty missFollowing Holland’s dramatic exit on penalties in the 2014 World Cup semi final, it is worth looking back at a report by researchers at the University of Exeter which showed for the first time the effect of anxiety on a footballer’s eye movements while taking a penalty.

The study showed that when penalty takers are anxious they are more likely to look at and focus on the centrally positioned goalkeeper.

Due to the tight coordination between gaze control and motor control, focusing on the goalkeeper means shots also tend to centralise, making them easier to save.

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Improving all round bowling skills

7 July 2014, 14:41

Hit the lanes with the confidence needed enjoy every frame. With Bowling Fundamentals, players will be ready to line up and execute every situation they might face in the course of the game.

With detailed coverage of the latest equipment in the game along with breaking down the shot to its most basic elements from approach, arm swing, release and follow through, it leaves no skill uncovered.

Aside from the physical execution, the book takes things a step further by helping bowlers understand the mental side of bowling and how making successful adjustments to their approach to the game can make a significant impact on the score sheet.

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Cricket diverts young people away from crime

7 July 2014, 14:41

StreetChancePlaying cricket can deter young people from joining gangs and committing crime, research suggests.

The report on StreetChance, which offers cricket sessions for pupils in deprived areas, found it enabled them to mix in different social groups.

It found being part of a team or club helped divert youngsters away from crime and anti-social behaviour.

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Opening up the world of dance

7 July 2014, 11:01

Discovering Dance opens up a world of opportunities for secondary school students who posess little or no dance experience.
It will help students understand the fundamentals of creating, performing, analysing, understanding, responding to, connecting with and evaluating dance in its various genres.
Discovering Dance has many distinctive features that help students connect with the material and help teachers facilitate the students’ exploration and mastery of dance fundamentals.

Price: £30.99 l €40.30

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Why do they grunt?

30 June 2014, 15:38

Does the ‘tennis grunt’ serve a useful purpose, or is it simply a bit of gamesmanship designed to put off opponents?

Ever since Monica Seles was psyched out of the 1992 Wimbledon title after demands that she reduce the noise level of her grunts, this issue has been of great debate particularly in women’s tennis.

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The Grand Départ is almost here

23 June 2014, 11:19

After almost two years of planning, Yorkshire is about to welcome the world’s third largest sporting event to the “broad acres”.

In less than two week’s time the Grand Départ of the Tour de France starts from Leeds on Saturday 5th July and enthusiasts and spectators from around the world are set to descend on Yorkshire to see the world’s greatest cycle race set off on the first of two stages that will take in some of the county’s finest scenery and some of its most demanding terrain.

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Jobs for the Girls – or else

11 June 2014, 14:57

Helen Grant Football, rugby and cricket could all face cuts in government funding if their governing bodies fail to appoint more female directors, according to sports minister Helen Grant.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, her first since being promoted to what she still describes as “the best job in Government”, she made it clear that getting more women into decision-making roles was a top priority.

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Schoolchildren could help save 100,000 lives a year

9 June 2014, 16:21

Saftey Skills Tab 1 of 2At a session at this year’s Euroanaesthesia in Stockholm, it was argued that improving the skills of members of the public, including schoolchildren, in resuscitation following cardiac arrest could save up to 100,000 lives per year.

The best estimates currently available suggest that 350,000 deaths in each year in Europe are due to so called ‘out-of-hospital cardiac arrest’ (OOH-CA).

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Teach, play and enjoy baseball

5 June 2014, 15:45

Successful coaches know the importance of drills. They form the cornerstone of most practices and are essential in developing player skills and team execution.

For younger players however, the best drills go one step further. They engage the player, promote teamwork and establish a lifelong love of the game.

Youth Baseball Drills is a comprehensive collection of more than 100 of the very best team drills for young players and their coaches. Developed specifically for players aged 6 to 18, the drills teach and reinforce fundamental skills.

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