Strength-building exercises help adolescents reduce health risks

4 April 2014, 09:59

Weight training The treatment for adolescent obesity and associated health problems has focused mostly on diet modifications and aerobic exercise such as walking or swimming.

But a recent research study concludes that adding strength-building exercises will help adolescents reduce the risks of conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and other health problems.

The findings, published in the journal Pediatrics, show that strength capacity is strongly associated with lower cardiometabolic risk in adolescents, even after controlling for the influence of BMI, physical activity participation and cardiorespiratory fitness.

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The foundation for good tennis performance

3 April 2014, 09:55

Packed full with drills designed to improve consistency, eliminate weaknesses in a player’s game, and enable them to become more strategically sound, The Tennis Drill Book is the guide to winning more matches.

It contains the most comprehensive and effective drills for every aspect of the game and whether they are new to the game and looking for fun drills to learn how to consistently hit your first serve or an experienced player just looking to improve court movement and anticipation, The Tennis Drill Book has it covered.

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Judy Murray advocates physical education homework

3 April 2014, 09:25

Turning the tide of inactivity 1A newly published report, Start Young, Stay Active, by not-for-profit health body ukactive, calls on government, education providers and every stakeholder involved in childhood development to recognise the importance of physical activity in the home, by encouraging parents to take a more active role in their children’s physical literacy.

The report consolidates national information revealing that there is a declining standard of fitness amongst children across the UK and highlights the need to address the fact that many children start school without having developed physical literacy skills.

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Unique guide to teaching dance in the primary school

2 April 2014, 10:12

If you think you lack the necessary training for teaching dance in the primary classroom and are searching for resources to support teaching and learning, then look no further.

Complete Guide to Primary Dance, provides all the insight, expertise and confidence you’ll need to teach dance to children from reception to year 6.

Regardless of your experience, this book and accompanying web resource will enable you to plan and deliver age-appropriate learning experiences for your children by offering a wealth of practical and creative ideas that you can use in your teaching.

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Sport England cuts funding

27 March 2014, 13:47

amateur footballThe Football Association is one of six sports to receive reduced public funding and will see a £1.6 million drop in its subsidy.

Sport England, the body responsible for distributing public money to increase sports participation, says the reduction is a clear message that football needs to change its grassroots strategy.

Golf is the second biggest loser, having £500,000 of its overall funding package withdrawn, but there are also reductions in England for netball, hockey, mountaineering and rowing.

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Step it up for Sport Relief

13 March 2014, 14:50

Sport Relief brings the entire nation together to get active, have fun and raise life-changing cash and it’s back from Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd March. Schools throughout the Uk and Northern Ireland will be taking part in a whole range of fundraising efforts while getting active and having fun at the same time.

To get you in the mood here’s a catchy little number that has been specially written and produced by Out Of The Ark for TES. A word of warning though, it’s one of those songs that you’ll struggle to get out of your head once it’s in there.

Good luck with your own fundraising efforts.

Still too much salt in children’s diets

13 March 2014, 10:08

Salt CellarDespite a UK-wide drive to cut salt levels in food, children in the UK are still eating far too much salt, with much of it coming from breads and cereals, according to a study published in the journal Hypertension.

Health guidelines suggest children should eat less than a teaspoon of salt a day, but 70% of the 340 children in the study ate more than this, with breads and cereals accounting for more than one-third of it, with a fifth coming from meat and one-tenth from dairy products.

The UK Department of Health said that although its voluntary salt reduction code with manufacturers was working more progress is still needed.

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The theories, concepts and developments of outdoor adventure education

12 March 2014, 10:16

Outdoor Adventure Education steeps students in the theories, concepts and developments of outdoor adventure education, preparing them for careers in this rapidly expanding field.

The authors, both experienced practitioners, researchers and teachers, explore the subject of outdoor adventure and present a comprehensive text on outdoor and adventure foundations, theories and research that will provide the basis for the next generation of professionals.

Outdoor Adventure Education offers a comprehensive view of the expanding discipline of outdoor adventure education in its various settings.

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The hidden dangers of energy drinks

12 March 2014, 09:52

Energy-DrinksThe much vaunted properties of energy drinks are well known thanks to convincing advertising and clever marketing, but a new report published in the journal Preventive Medicine indicates that consumption among teenagers may be linked with poor mental health and substance use.

As a result of their findings researchers are calling for limits on teen’s access to the drinks and reduction in the amount of the caffeine in each can.

The paper by researchers at the University of Waterloo and Dalhousie University, Canada, found that high school students prone to depression as well as those who smoke marijuana or drink alcohol are also more likely to consume energy drinks than their peers.

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Promoting active, healthy lifestyles

6 March 2014, 14:19

Implementing Physical Activity Strategies profiles 42 physical activity programmes that are helping people adopt more active and healthy lifestyles. It highlights innovative and tested physical activity programmes being implemented in eight sectors including education; healthcare, fitness and sports. A consistent presentation of information on each programme makes this comprehensive reference easy-to-use and readers will find tools and information to bring success to their own initiatives.

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