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Dancing step by step

This third edition of Social Dance: Steps to Success allows novice ballroom dancers to learn all the moves for 10 of the most popular dance styles.

The first few learning stages introduce the foundational skills and concepts needed for success on the dance floor, with each stage moving seamlessly onto the next.

Using the book and accompanying DVD, dancers progress through a series of steps, learning how posture and footwork affect balance, how to connect footwork with the music, adjust to a partner, make the transition between partner positions and create sequences from variations of each dance’s specific rhythmic step pattern.

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PE News

Widdy’s Ballroom Blitz

Ann Widdecombe has said ballroom dancing could help boost discipline and fitness in schools and should be encouraged, but not made compulsory.

The former politician and unlikely Strictly Come Dancing star was responding to a question asked by a reporter at the North of England Education Conference, in Blackpool, about the benefits of ballroom dancing.

But she rejected the idea of making ballroom dancing compulsory in schools.
“As soon as something is regarded as beneficial somebody jumps up and says ‘let’s make it compulsory, let’s pass a law saying you have to gyrate around a ballroom floor”.

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Around the world in 60 dance forms

Exploring Dance Forms and Styles: A Guide to Concert, World, Social and Historical Dance helps all teachers introduce students to a variety of dance forms and styles, without having to leave the classroom!

This book and DVD package is a single resource will help students appreciate various dance forms and begin to recognise the characteristics that make each distinct.

Also, because of the way the information is packaged, you can be a dance novice yourself and still expertly guide your students to become an effective audience member and an astute observer.

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Fitness News

GPs to give fitness ‘prescriptions’

GPAs part of the Government’s Let’s Get Moving campaign, GPs are to be encouraged to write out detailed programmes, with a weekly plan of activities such as gym sessions, evening sports classes and weekend team events.

Elderly and less active patients will be steered towards walking groups, yoga sessions in community centres or even ballroom dancing lessons.

Follow-up appointments will be made with doctors or nurses based in GP practices to ensure that patients are sticking to their prescribed plans.

Those who struggle to keep up will be given tips and advice on sticking to a fitness regime, or may be offered alternative suggestions for exercises and activities more suited to their lifestyle.

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PE News

Strictly Come Dancing comes to school

kids-dancingBallroom dancing is set to become the latest craze in classrooms across Britain, as part of an effort to harness the success of the television show Strictly Come Dancing to combat childhood obesity.

In the recently launched scheme, schoolchildren in both primary and secondary schools will take part in Strictly Come Dancing-style sessions in school hours. The scheme, which will be piloted in 26 schools across the country, aims at improving youngsters’ health and self-esteem as they learn a range of dance styles.

If it proves successful, it will be offered to all UK schools from this summer and slotted into the national curriculum as part of the PE syllabus. Two teachers at each participating school will themselves be given lessons in ballroom dancing techniques so they can lead the sessions.

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