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Master every essential basketball skill

Basketball’s best and most comprehensive drill book is now bigger and better than ever.

Youth Basketball Drills, Second Edition, contains 160 drills for mastering every essential skill.

Authors Burrall and Patrick Paye have outlined drills and variations that cover the entire scope of the game in both offense and defense and show you how, when and why to use each drill.

The progression of drills will help develop the team from beginners to advanced players, skill by skill.

Normal Price: £12.99 I €15.60
HK Rewards Members’ Price: £10.39 I €12.48

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Tap into the tactical genius of a legendary basketball coach

Coaching Basketball Successfully contains a wealth of timeless wisdom from top basketball coach Morgan Wootten.

In this third edition, he brings even more value by including the coaching experiences, methods and tactics of his son Joe, a successful high school coach in his own right.

Loaded with insights, instruction, drills and do’s and don’ts, this new edition includes advice from Joe on managing the nuances, challenges and distractions of social media, plus new tactics that have helped several of his pupils earn US college basketball scholarships.

Normal Price: £14.99 I €18.00
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Back to basics for basketball success

Author Lee Rose has been one of basketball’s most knowledgeable and respected coaches over the past 50 years at high school, college and professional levels.

Winning Basketball Fundamentals presents his proven programme for success.

From offense to defence, to transition play and special situations, the book covers every tactical facet of the game and includes insights for improving the execution of each.

It presents popular offensive systems such as the Triangle, LA, Flex, Dribble Drive and Motion, as well as man‐to‐man and zone defensive schemes and suggestions for when and how to deploy and adjust them.

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Coaching tips from greatest women’s basketball player

Arguably the greatest women’s basketball player to step onto the court and the first woman to be head coach of a professional men’s team, Nancy Lieberman has accomplished it all throughout her career.

Her experience is unrivaled and in Basketball for Women, she shares her secrets, insights and advice on all aspects of the game.

To be the best, learn from the best! With Nancy Lieberman’s Basketball for Women, readers can master the skills, elevate their play and reach their potential.

Price: £14.99 I €18.00
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First steps to basketball success

Learning and teaching basketball skills and tactics can be challenging, executing them on court can be troubling, but mastering them can be really challenging. First you must know exactly how each skill or tactic is properly performed.

Then you need to attempt it again and again, with corrective advice throughout those trials until you get it right. Finally comes practice. Lots of of it, with drills designed to make performance of all the skills and tactics both efficient and effective.

This book provides all the instruction needed to conquer these basketball hurdles and become a complete player.

Price: £14.99 | €18.00
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