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The ultimate training resource for athletes and coaches

Today’s athletes are bigger, stronger, faster and more agile than ever before.

Exhibiting a combination of power, speed and quickness, they’ve raised the bar on performance, competition and training.

This total training package, offers exclusive online access to a video library of the most effective drills and exercises for developing movement skills and readers can see how to perform key tests and execute the best and most complex drills from the book.

More than 100,000 athletes and coaches around the world have put their trust in previous editions of Training for Speed, Agility and Quickness and the third edition sets a new standard for training.

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Seven critical variables for speed, agility and quickness training

Lee E. BrownAthletes who want to be successful in their chosen sports should not take a casual approach to their speed, agility and quickness training programmes.

Respected sport and exercise professor Lee Brown says athletes should have enough of a strength base to adequately complete each exercise without undue strain, using the training as a supplement to traditional resistance training.

In other words it should be conducted in addition to, not instead of, lifting weights.

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New edition of bestselling sport and exercise psychology book out now

The leading text in sport and exercise psychology has been extensively updated and provides a thorough introduction to key concepts in the field.

It draws connections between research and practice and captures the dynamism of of sport and exercise.

In-depth learning aids have been refreshed, including chapter objectives and summaries, sidebars, key terms, key points, anecdotes and discussion questions to help students think more critically about applying the material.

The updated web study guide is as an important learning tool and guides students into completing the related activities for each chapter and apply knowledge gained. The instructor ancillaries have also been updated and expanded and now include an image bank, gradable chapter quizzes and instructor videos.

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New Pacing Website

We’ve all heard the advice “Pace yourself. Save energy and finish strong.” It sounds simple enough, so why is it so hard?

Why do even supremely conditioned elite athletes mismanage their energy supplies and fail to finish strong? Kevin Thompson, author of Pacing, has set up a website dedicated to the subject pacing in sport.
Visitors will be able to join in discussion forums, ask the author questions and generally learn more about this important topic.

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Join us for our next free webinar

WadeGilbert_SLC2014Coaching Smart: Using Quality Research and Best Practices to Excel in Sport
Presented by Dr. Wade Gilbert
Wednesday, 3rd December 2014,
4:00 pm to 5:00 pm GMT

The purpose of this webinar is to share evidence-based strategies that coaches can use to optimise their ongoing learning and professional development.

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