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Extra PE cash is having positive effect

Youth RugbyChildren in nine out of 10 primary schools in England are getting better PE lessons thanks to new sport funding, suggests research for the government.

Researchers asked more than 500 schools how they were spending the government’s £150m-a-year PE and Sport Premium.

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Instilling healthy eating and physical activity habits into children

The Healthy Eating and Active Time Club Curriculum helps children understand what a healthy diet is and how to stay physically active every day.

The book teaches them how to make healthier nutrition and activity choices and discover how healthy eating and regular physical activity keep them feeling their best.

It comes with a web resource that supplies many printable activity and food cards, worksheets, separate activity books and a detailed online book called After-School HEAT Club Curriculum that reinforces the printed book’s material and contains lessons and activities for after-school programmes.

Normal Price: £26.99 I €35.10
HK Rewards Members’ Price: £21.59 I €28.08

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Fitness experts cut to the core to target the centre of power

Core ExerciseWhether it is running, swimming, weight lifting or aerobics, fitness experts say the centre of all exercise routines is the core – the abdominal, back and muscles around the pelvis – which is the seat of stability, strength and power.

Adding in exercise routines to strengthen the core can help the athlete run faster, the basketball player jump higher and the everyday exerciser do routine tasks from loading the car to cleaning the bath more easily.

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104 games and activities designed for small groups

This book offers 104 games and activities that are specifically designed for small groups.

Photographs, illustrations and easy-to-use components help make the games simple to teach and modify them to be applied to different sports.

Whether a parent looking for a useful PE book for homeschooling, a teacher looking to supplement an existing physical education, recreational or after-school programme, this book fits the bill perfectly.

Normal Price: £16.99 I €22.10
HK Rewards Members’ Price: £13.59 I €17.68

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Fitness industry angered by controversial claims

Dr Michael MosleyHealth and fitness industry figureheads have rebuffed the sensational health claims by 5:2 diet advocate and author Dr Michael Mosley’s appearance on the UK TV show, This Morning.

A section of the show was trailed as “busting medical myths,” in which Mosley made a series of assertions about the inefficacy of gyms and exercise in helping to lose weight and increase physical fitness.

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