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The psychology of exercise

Bringing together a group of experts in the field, Doing Exercise Psychology uses applied theories alongside authentic client interactions to address the challenging psychological components of physical activity.

The book helps students understand how to build connections with individual clients, strengthen the professional relationship through listening and understand clients’ needs.

Its text features diverse topics, bridging health psychology and exercise psychology to demonstrate the increasingly important role of physical activity in overall wellness and health.

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British are most likely to consider themselves overweight

ObesityAccording to a new worldwide survey, people from the UK and Ireland are more likely to consider themselves overweight than those from anywhere else in Europe, but fewer are taking steps to lose weight.

Some 60% of Britons and 62% of Irish people consider themselves at least ‘a little overweight’, according to the Global Health and Wellness Survey from information and insights company Nielsen.

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Light jogging is best for Longevity

7639a2a04fd66742_run.previewAccording to new research published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, Jogging may be best in small quantities.

Researchers looked at 5,048 healthy participants in the Copenhagen City Heart Study and questioned them about their activity.

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A lifetime of running workouts.

Whether running for health, competitively, or both, Fitness Running includes established programmes to help runners achieve their goals.

Colour-coded and flexible, the 13 to 26 week programmes cover base building, fitness and training for short-distance events, half and full marathons.

It includes more than just workouts however and covers individualised testing for assessing running health and log pages for recording runs, results and health information.

It also contains specific recommendations for female runners and the latest information on gear and gadgets, cross-training, stretching and recovery.

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Is variety the spice of an active life?

gym-exerciseThe new year is a time of new beginnings and January often finds gyms packed with newly active adults hitting the treadmill.

Unfortunately come February, most of these new exercisers will have lost their resolve and slipped back into their old lifestyles.

But can people be motivated to turn good intentions into a lifetime of healthy habits?

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