Epic FitPro Live lands at ExCeL London on 18-19 July 2014

22 November 2013, 12:03

logoThe UK’s most inspiring educational fitness convention and trade show returns in 2014 at ExCeL London.

FitPro Live promises to be bigger and better than ever before, bringing you all the latest cutting-edge products and services.

Hear the world’s top fitness presenters divulge their secrets to ultimate health and fitness; join hundreds of sweaty bodies in one room moving in sync to a live DJ set; get time to socialise with like-minded health seekers; and get face-to-face with renowned experts who’ll answer your fitness queries.

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The role of physical activity in the quality of life

2 May 2012, 10:22

Fitness Professional’s Handbook, Sixth Edition, meets the demands of the evolving fitness profession with a fully updated text based on the latest standards, guidelines and research.

With the expanded scope on the study of physical activity and its relevance to fitness, this text will allow both students and professionals to stay abreast of the latest research and information in the field.

It will help readers appreciate the role physical activity has to play in enhancing quality of life and understand the guidelines for screening, testing, supervising and modifying activity for various populations.

Normal Price: £57.99 l €69.60
HK Rewards Members’ Price: £46.39 l €55.68

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Helping cancer survivors improve their health

28 February 2012, 11:02

ACSM’s Guide to Exercise and Cancer Survivorship presents the science behind the benefits of exercise for cancer survival and its application when designing or adapting exercise programmes specifically for cancer patients and survivors.

More clinicians and oncologists are recommending exercise as a strategy for reducing the side effects of treatment, speeding recovery and improving overall quality of life.

In turn, cancer survivors are seeking health and fitness professionals with the knowledge and experience to help them learn how to exercise safely within their capabilities.

Developed by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), this authoritative reference offers the most up-to-date information for health and fitness professionals working with survivors of many types of cancers.

Price: £38.99 I €46.80
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EHFA signs partnership agreement with Human Kinetics

21 April 2011, 11:03

The European Health & Fitness Association (EHFA) and Human Kinetics have signed a partnership agreement to develop and promote health and fitness educational products.

The main aim of the partnership is to raise the knowledge, skills and competence of the exercise professionals by producing high-quality educational materials and books to EHFA standards.

Human Kinetics Europe’s Managing Director, Sara Cooper said of the partnership “We have worked very hard to secure this agreement and look forward to working with such a prestigeous and professional organization”.

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New head of Fitness Industry Association

18 April 2011, 13:58

David Stalker has been officially appointed the new chief executive officer of the Fitness Industry Association (FIA).

David, who has held the post of FIA’s executive director since December 2009, will take over the role of CEO with immediate effect and will assume all responsibility for the strategic direction of the FIA and leading the implementation of its three-year industry strategy.

According to the FIA, he will also take a more strategic approach to addressing the needs of the industry in line with the public health agenda to drive growth for the sector.

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Complete guide to health and activity

2 July 2010, 13:23

Why waste time wading through the plethora of guidelines on physical activity and health published by various government agencies and professional organizations when this book has already done it for you?

Information is available from all manner of sources and locations such as government documents, press releases and Web sites and finding specific guidelines can be a time consuming and frustrating exercise.

Physical Activity and Health Guidelines puts all this current information at your fingertips for instant access.

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Celebrating 20 years of Spring Convention

19 February 2010, 14:11

If you are looking to learn from world-class fitness industry experts, network with the industry’s finest or simply release some tension, anyone worth their weight in sport and fitness knows that FitPro Spring Convention is the place to be: 09-11 April 2010, Loughborough.

With over 220 masterclasses, workshops and lectures, as well as their biggest tradeshow yet, Spring Convention 2010 is the event of the year for sports and fitness professionals. So, whether personal training, Les Mills®, aqua or sports performance is your thing, they’ve got it covered.

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Promoting physical exercise in adults

15 July 2009, 15:45

gym-exerciseWhat are the most cost effective ways of promoting physical exercise in adults?

A study published in the open access journal PLoS Medicine has found that of six interventions promoting exercise in adults in Australia, encouraging the use of pedometers and promoting physical activity through mass media campaigns are the most cost-effective in terms of the money spent for the health benefits they result in.

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Develop effective physical activity programmes

14 April 2009, 15:00

Developing Effective Physical Activity Programs emphasises the move away from a one-size-fits-all approach to physical activity programmes.

It provides evidence-based recommendations for designing, implementing and evaluating more effective and appropriate physical activity programmes for women, overweight and obese populations, older adults and ethnically diverse populations.

The text includes summaries of current research studies examining physical activity interventions in various groups and settings. Key considerations are discussed for each category, including the elements that make up the most successful interventions, unique obstacles to participation and techniques for overcoming them.
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