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Promoting active, healthy lifestyles

Implementing Physical Activity Strategies profiles 42 physical activity programmes that are helping people adopt more active and healthy lifestyles.

It highlights innovative and tested physical activity programmes being implemented in eight sectors including education; healthcare, fitness and sports.

A consistent presentation of information on each programme makes this comprehensive reference easy-to-use and readers will find tools and information to bring success to their own initiatives.

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Instilling healthy eating and physical activity habits into children

The Healthy Eating and Active Time Club Curriculum helps children understand what a healthy diet is and how to stay physically active every day.

The book teaches them how to make healthier nutrition and activity choices and discover how healthy eating and regular physical activity keep them feeling their best.

It comes with a web resource that supplies many printable activity and food cards, worksheets, separate activity books and a detailed online book called After-School HEAT Club Curriculum that reinforces the printed book’s material and contains lessons and activities for after-school programmes.

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UK National Fitness Day

UKactivelogoNational Fitness Day, 26th September 2014 is the largest celebration of physical activity in the UK.

Hundreds of clubs, parks and leisure centres are opening their doors to welcome you for free.

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Run faster, stronger and longer

Run faster, stronger and longer whilst remaining injury-free, that’s the promise made by Mastering Running

A comprehensive resource for fitness and competitive runners aged 30 and above, Mastering Running proves that age is no obstacle to excellence.

With information and advice on topics that matter most to older runners, it provides drills, exercises and training plans.

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Location of impact could affect concussion severity

Head injuryAs the summer come to an end, contact games such as football and rugby come to the fore.

There are certain risks involved with these contact sports, including concussions and a recent study in the journal Pediatrics investigates how the location of impact could affect concussion severity.

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