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How to mentally prepare for a marathon

The London Marathon will see serious runners who have physically trained for months to prepare for the legendary race, still fail to achieve the times they are capable of.

According to Julian Goater, a world-class runner and running coach, serious runners have to do more than just the physically training and must also prepare themselves psychologically and develop mental strength in order to succeed.

“All of us are physically capable of far greater feats than we think, if only we can harness the power of the mind,” says Goater. “There are a number of things we can do to make ourselves mentally stronger and to give ourselves the best chances of being psychologically fit and aggressive on the day of the race.”

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Runners recount 2013 Boston Marathon experiences

4:09:43, takes its title from the time into the 2013 Boston Marathon when two bombs exploded and is a compilation of accounts provided by those taking part.

It focuses on the accounts of 75 runners, collected through social media: blogs posted online, stories offered on Facebook and e-mails sent to the author.

The story does not end until the 23,000 participants encounter the terror on Boylston Street. “These are not 75 separate stories,” says the author. “This is one story told as it might have been by a single runner with 75 pairs of eyes.”

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Nutrition for endurance athletes

Packed with nutrition plans for middle and long-distance, ultra-endurance and multiday events, Endurance Sports Nutrition focuses on the unique nutritional needs of endurance athletes.

This comprehensive resource provides comprehensive strategies for day-to-day nutritional intake as well as sport-specific tips for executing a winning nutrition plan during an endurance event or race.

The book will help endurance athletes of all levels to benefit from high-performance eating, reach and maintain a healthy weight and stay up to date on supplements and sport foods.

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New biosensor warns athletes when they are about to ‘hit the wall’

Hitting the WallA new biosensor, applied to the human skin like a temporary tattoo, can alert marathoners, cyclists and other “extreme” athletes that they’re about to “hit the wall,” scientists are reporting.

The study, published in the journal Analytical Chemistry, describes the first human tests of the sensor, which could also help those who engage in intense exercise and their trainers, monitor stamina and fitness.

Lead researcher Joseph Wang explains that the sensor monitors lactate, a form of lactic acid released in sweat. Lactate forms when the muscles need more energy than the body can supply from the “aerobic” respiration that suffices during mild exercise.

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Are genes magic bullets for running success?

Kenyan AthletesRunners, coaches and exercise scientists often wonder whether running performances are determined primarily by genetic factors or by the environment.

If performances are indeed primarily shaped by genes, coaches and serious runners will begin using cheek swabs to learn what their DNA dictates about their running futures and gene doping could play a prominent role in elite competitions.

But according to Owen Anderson, author of the forthcoming Running Science, both genetics and environment play a vital role in determining running performance.

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