Evaluating the Olympic medal count

8 May 2013, 10:12

Medal CeremonyThe original Olympic ideal is one that sees individuals, not countries competing against each other in sport and peaceful competition without the burden of politics, religion, or racism.

However it is now undoubtedly the case that the number of medals a country wins is seen as a true a measure of a nation´s sporting power.

A new study published in the International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance looks at the recent trends in Olympic medal winning and why some countries are more successful than others.

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Performance Director shoots himself in the foot

12 February 2009, 13:55

John Leighton-Dyson

John Leighton-Dyson

British Shooting called an Extraordinary meeting on Tuesday 10th February to discuss the future of their World Class Performance Programme following the drastic cut (78%) made to their 2009/2013 funding agreement by UK Sport. As a result, the Board has decided that the number of athletes included in the programme will be reduced and that the post of Performance Director is to be made redundant.

This came as no surprise to the Performance Director himself John
Leighton-Dyson as, during his presentation to the Board earlier in the day, he had highlighted the fact that the figures in his budget for the four year period going forward, showed all too clearly that the funds available will simply not stretch to his continued employment as PD. His concern however was for those athletes, who due to the necessary reduction in numbers needed, will now no longer be part of the programme.

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Team GB funding plans announced

3 December 2008, 14:55


Basketball, synchronised swimming, taekwondo, boxing, archery and hockey are the big winners in UK Sport’s Olympic 2012 funding programme. All six have received sizeable increases in their budgets ahead of London, with basketball getting a huge 136% increase, up from £3.7m to £8.7m. Rowing is now Britain’s best funded Olympic sport, getting £27.5m of the £304m pot available. The big losers include shooting, table tennis, handball and fencing.

UK Sport insists the level of funding builds on the £265m that was provided ahead of the Beijing Games and enables Britain to target a top-four finish in the medals table in London. But its £550m budget is £50m below the £600m that had been pledged and has meant that some sports, like handball, have lost out. “We are gutted,” Paul Goodwin, general manager of British Handball, “I don’t know how we are going to afford our coaches.”

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