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A course for personal trainers working with breast cancer patients

This online course enables Personal Trainers help those recovering from breast cancer to build confidence and regain function through the use of specialised therapeutic exercises.

Understand how to safely work muscle groups affected by treatment and surgery and how to support the physical and emotional recovery of clients.

On successful completion of the course you’ll be able to:

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Dumbbell Training online course

This online course and exam is intended primarily for personal trainers and strength and conditioning professionals.

It will help you in developing resistance training programmes using dumbbells for both fitness and sport.

The package includes the book Dumbbell Training, which provides 15 programmes for increasing power, speed, agility and balance.

The concepts covered can be used with both clients and athletes across a number of sports and fitness aims.

Included are 78 exercises accompanied by step-by-step instructions, common errors and corrections, safety considerations, and training tips, making it simple to incorporate the exercises into client programmes.

Price: £154.99 l €201.50

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Europe’s authoritative guide to fitness instruction

This resource includes fundamentals and best practices of concepts, procedures, duties and responsibilities that individual and group fitness instructors perform on the job.

It covers the knowledge, skills and abilities needed for level 3 classification in the European Qualifications Framework (EQF), the baseline standards for registered fitness instructors in Europe.

It provides mechanical and physiological information with hands-on techniques and practical examples to ensure that all fitness instructors deliver enjoyable and effective exercise sessions.

This resource ensures instructors are properly qualified to serve their industry and their clients. For those who promote physical activity and healthier lifestyles, there is no other title with more authority in Europe.

Normal Price: £24.99 I €32.50
HK Rewards: £19.99 I €26.00

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The authoritative guide to fitness instruction in Europe

EuropeActive’s Essentials for Fitness Instructors is the most comprehensive guide for fitness instructors interested in helping their clients’ achieve health and fitness goals.

Co-written by EuropeActive, the European standard-setting authority in health and fitness, this manual is essential for aspiring fitness instructors and is the only official baseline standard for registered fitness instructors throughout Europe.

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Understanding the effects of Personal Training

This book presents the principles and theories of fitness in a conversational tone with real-life examples to help students understand how the body works and responds to exercise.

Anatomical illustrations and photographs provide further guidance on the scientific aspects of personal training and provide details of specific muscle systems and how to train them.

Extensive information on essential nutrients, coupled with guidance on helping clients burn fat and build strength, helps aspiring personal trainers take their sessions beyond simple workouts.

An instructor guide and presentation package, plus image bank of photographs and illustrations are also available to instructors.

Normal Price: £53.99 l €70.20
HK Rewards Members’ Price: £43.19 l €56.16

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