International Sports Science & Sports Medicine Conference 2014

11 July 2014, 15:34

ISSSMCInternational Sports Science & Sports Medicine Conference
Northumbria University
19th – 21st August 2014

As usual this years’ Conference will feature presentations by, and discussions with, 30 leading global experts in all aspects of Sports Medicine and Sports Science, including HK authors Iñigo Mujika and Vicky Tolfrey.

Human Kinetics will also have a display of books at the event where visitors can browse some of the latest books covering a whole range of relevant Sport Science and Medicine topics, including the eagerly anticipated new release, High Performance Training for Sport.

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Surface palpation techniques for physiotherapists

11 July 2014, 14:11

This comprehensive guide is supported by photographs demonstrating palpation techniques of surface body landmarks and will assist students and healthcare professionals in becoming proficient in surface palpation techniques.

Employing a step-by-step approach, Clinical Guide to Musculoskeletal Palpation describes each stage in using palpation as a key component during a physical examination, covering the bony tissue, soft tissue and neurovascular structures of all body regions.

Normal Price: £46.99 l €61.10
HK Rewards Members’ Price: £37.59 l €48.88

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Come and see us at ECSS

25 June 2014, 11:04

HK StandHuman Kinetics will once again be exhibiting at ECSS and we look forward to greeting old friends and making new ones on Stand 52, which is located on the ground floor to the right of the main entrance.

Some exciting new titles will be on show as well as established favourites and you will have the opportunity to purchase them at generously discounted prices.

If you are interested in authoring or editing a book with Human Kinetics and would like to discuss your thoughts and ideas further, then HK Europe’s Acquisitions Editor – Chris Wright will be holding a question and answer session on Wednesday 2nd July between 19.15 and 20.30.

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Free webinar on Myofascial Release

21 May 2014, 11:06

Ruth DuncanJoin us on Thursday 26th June at 3.00pm BST for a free webinar “MFR, learn what the FASCIANATION is all about” presented by Ruth Duncan, author of Myofascial Release.

Myofascial Release (MFR) is a popular therapy for new therapists and for those wishing to expand their skills.

This free webinar will offer insight into the important components of MFR discussed in more detail in the book.

Ruth will describe the role of fascia and how it affects the body when it is injured. She will also discuss how therapists can find these inured and tight areas and by using MFR techniques can help resolve pain and dysfunction, and restore balance and health.

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Join our new Facebook group

13 May 2014, 15:35

10003272_10200426585107511_185263867_nThe High-Performance Training for Sports discussion group hopes to engage discussion among those combining principles of strength and conditioning with the disciplines of physiotherapy and athletic training as a means of developing all aspects of athletic performance.

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Comprehensive training for hands-on therapists

12 May 2014, 11:32

From technique descriptions and their applications to client interactions and the preservation of practitioner strength and functionality, this guide teaches physiotherapists every crucial aspect of employing myofascial release to its fullest benefit.

Its scientifically grounded, whole-body approach presents an overview of the entire fascial matrix – the three-dimensional web of tissue that supports, encompasses and protects every other structure in the body.

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Bestseller now with online video

16 January 2014, 13:30

Facilitated Stretching remains the most trusted resource for proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) stretching, an effective and easy-to-use method that involves stretching the muscle, contracting it isometrically against resistance and then stretching it again to increase range of motion.

Stretches are grouped according to each joint, and the majority of the stretches include both a partner stretch version and a self-stretch version. The accompanying online video then demonstrates more than 90 of these stretches to reinforce proper technique for each stretch as well as four sample stretching routines.

Normal Price: £22.49 l €29.25
HK Rewards Members’ Price: £17.99 l €23.40

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Careers in Sport National Sports Roadshow

18 September 2013, 14:53

Untitled-2National Sports Roadshow
University of Worcester

October 24th, 2013

The Roadshow will provide a platform for employers, trainers, students and professionals to meet and interact.

It is aimed at University students studying a degree in the area of sport, health or exercise, Further Education students, careers advisors and sports enthusiasts.

It features interactive exhibition hall offering delegates the opportunity to see and buy some of Human Kinetics’ latest releases, have a go at being a football commentator, or take the British Gymnastics Challenge.

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Register now for Jane Johnson’s free webinar, Postural Assessment – a beginner’s guide

2 September 2013, 11:40

Jane JohnsonPostural Assessment – a beginner’s guide
Wednesday 23rd October, 3.00 – 4.00pm BST
Presented by Jane Johnson

If you are new to postural assessment or feel you need a refresher, this webinar provides the nuts and bolts of this essential assessment skill.

It will answer the why, who, when and how of postural assessment. Why carry one out in the first place? For whom is it useful? When should a postural assessment be performed? What should you look for? It also answers questions such as where to start and what to do with your findings?

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HK Europe’s New Titles Catalogue available to download now

25 July 2013, 15:29

New-Titles-Jul-Dec-2013-Cover-150pThe latest New Titles Catalogue is now available for download from the Human Kinetics website.

In it you will find details of all the exciting new books, DVDs and CDs that we will be publishing from July until the end of December 2013.

It covers the whole spectrum of interest and subject areas including academic, physical education, sports, and health and fitness.

The printed version will be sent out to UK and European customers in the next few days, but if you can’t wait until then or live outside Europe, then you can get an electronic copy right now. Download it here >>


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