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Taking a personalised approach to exercise

This book expands the role of the fitness professional from simple exercise prescription to include activity counselling, design modification, exercise demonstration, functionally integrated exercise, injury prevention and follow-up monitoring.

Central to the book are seven client-centered models for each major fitness component, serving as a template of options for each decision in the prescription process.

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Academic News, Fitness News

Seven critical variables for speed, agility and quickness training

Lee E. BrownAthletes who want to be successful in their chosen sports should not take a casual approach to their speed, agility and quickness training programmes.

Respected sport and exercise professor Lee Brown says athletes should have enough of a strength base to adequately complete each exercise without undue strain, using the training as a supplement to traditional resistance training.

In other words it should be conducted in addition to, not instead of, lifting weights.

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Combination training best for weight loss in teenagers

Overweight exerciserAccording to a new study published in the journal JAMA Pediatrics, combining aerobic exercise with resistance training appears be the most effective solution to reducing obesity in teenagers.

To explore the most effective form of exercise for weight loss, a study group of 304 teenagers aged between 14 and 18 were divided into four groups.

One group was asked to adhere to an aerobic only plan, one a resistance-only regime, another with both elements combined, with the final group taking no exercise but simply adhering to the dieting advice provided in a four-week counselling scheme.

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Designing scientifically-based resistance training programmes

This is a guide to developing individualised training programmes for both serious athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

In this updated and expanded fourth edition, two of the world’s leading experts on strength training explore how to design scientifically based programmes, modify and adapt existing regimes to meet the needs of special populations, and apply the elements of programme design in the real world.

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Diabetes risk in women reduced by resistance training

High intensity interval trainingThat’s the finding of an eight year study, published in the journal PLoS Medicine, which tracked the health of nearly 100,000 nurses in the US.

The results show that muscle building exercises, such as lifting weights and doing press-ups, are linked with a lower risk of diabetes.

The reduced diabetes risk seen in the study, was an additional benefit to those also gained from doing aerobic workouts that exercise the heart and lungs.

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