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Outdoor recreation programming

Outdoor recreation is a growing and diverse field that requires administrators to be ready to work in complex and distinct environments.

Outdoor Program Administration will help students and both seasoned and new administrators, flourish in a variety of varied environments, such as campus recreation, government, commercial and not-for-profit organizations.

The book enables readers to reap the full benefits of the collective practical experience shared by the authors, who also provide questions and critical thinking exercises for each chapter.

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Teaching outdoor pursuits

Help secondary school students become more resilient and patient, acquire new skills and sharpen their problem-solving abilities and at the same time raise their self esteem.

Teaching Lifetime Outdoor Pursuits covers the 12 most popular outdoor activities currently being incorporated into PE programmes.

The accompanying CD-ROM supplies objectives, sample lessons, sample assessments and universal programming ideas for each outdoor pursuit presented in the book.

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Scaling the heights to success

Whether you’re an experienced mountaineer, a hardened climber or about to embark on your first expedition, nothing is more critical than anticipating, understanding and preparing for the adversities and accomplishments that await you and your team.

In Mountaineering: Training and Preparation, Carlton Cooke, Dave Bunting and Dr. John O’Hara, along with the members of the British Army Everest West Ridge Expedition team and sport and exercise scientists from Leeds Metropolitan University, share their insights, experiences and expertise.

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Planning outdoor activities

Outdoor activities are becoming increasingly popular, but unfortunately many teachers, recreation leaders and outdoor instructors find themselves without adequate resources to plan and deliver an effective outdoor programme.

Quality Lesson Plans for Outdoor Education is a flexible, easy-to-use reference that helps PE teachers, youth and outdoor recreation leaders and campsite and resort operators deliver effective outdoor activities.

It provides 21 units across 140 lessons covering areas such as equipment, core skills, navigation, outdoor ethics, weather and safety, plus instruction in 15 popular outdoor activities through a combination of a 448 page book and a CD-ROM.

Quality Lesson Plans for Outdoor Education is a terrific resource for teachers and outdoor leaders alike, grounding them in the essentials of outdoor education, streamlining preparation and paving the way for the delivery of effective enjoyable and above all, safe outdoor education.

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Climbing to succes

Rock climbing has been growing in popularity since the 1930s and it’s no wonder. This exciting activity gets you outdoors, challenging yourself both physically and mentally while bonding with friends and family.

With the increasing availability of a variety of climbing venues such as indoor climbing gyms and leisure centres with climbing walls, it’s now easier than ever to try this exhilarating sport.

Rock Climbing is the perfect book for anyone who wants to learn and develop the necessary skills.

Throughout the book the authors share consumer, technique and safety tips collected from their years of experience as both climbers and instructors. They also list websites to help you find climbing organisations, shop for equipment and gear, plan outdoor climbing trips and more.

Available September 2009
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