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Rugby youths should pass scrum strength test

Youth Rugby ScrumYoung rugby players should be barred from the front row of rugby scrums unless they meet medical guidelines, according to a report by researchers at Edinburgh University.

Their research suggests that under-18s need to have their neck strength tested to see if they can safely withstand the force of a scrum before being allowed into the front row.

The study believes that scrums are responsible for a number of spinal injuries to players and the Scottish Rugby Union (SRU) has already introduced the tests this rugby season.

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A unique opportunity to hear the world’s top rugby union experts

rugbykidsTalent Identification and Development
The Royal Society,
6 – 9 Carlton House Terrace,
London SW1y 5AG

Friday 17th to Sunday 19th May, 2013

The RFU is hosting a ground-breaking Talent Symposium. This unique event will involve debate amongst 15 of the World’s leading experts in the field of sporting talent, 12 eminent panellists and rugby stakeholders, to reach a consensus that will have a profound impact on understanding and practice relating to the identification and development of talented rugby players.

On 18 May the same experts, including: Professor Joe Baker, Professor Jamie Timmons, Dr Stephen Cobley, Dr Jotg Shorer, Professor Mark Williams, Professor Bruce Abernathy, Professor Keith Davids and Dr Ross Tuckerfrom will be presenting on the identification and development of talent as part of a parallel education programme. This group of experts has never before been assembled in one place.

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Get in top shape for Rugby

Since the dawn of professional rugby, players have become increasingly bigger, faster and stronger.

Complete Conditioning for Rugby gives players and coaches the advice they need to keep pace with changes in the game by improving individual and team speed, power, strength, agility and endurance.

Author Paul Pook presents the latest research and information on testing, priority performance factors, programming and workouts, as well as clear demonstrations of drills. Armed with this information, players and coaches will identify and adopt the best possible conditioning options.

The accompanying DVD provides a visual presentation of key tests, exercises and drills for improving performance. The footage demonstrates both individual workouts and team workouts employing functional training methods that emphasize rugby-specific conditioning.

Normal Price: £16.99 l €20.40
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Rugby in focus

Prepare to meet challenges and excel in rugby competition with Focused for Rugby, a mental skills training aid designed to maximize on-field performance.

Every player, regardless of their level of ability, should read this book in order to sharpen their mental skills and unleash their full potential.

It is filled with practical tips, tasks and step-by-step techniques which are simple to understand and apply.

Focused for Rugby presents a compelling case that physical skills and conditioning must be combined with building mental “muscle” to ensure peak performance.

Normal Price: £14.99 l €18.00
HK Rewards Members’ Price: £11.99 l €14.40

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Win a copy of Rugby Games & Drills

Developed by one of the game’s top coaches and endorsed by the Rugby Football Union, Rugby Games & Drills. contains over 115 games and drills designed to bring out the very best in players, regardless of age or ability or rugby code.

This book is packed with the most effective games and drills for improving core skills such as handling, kicking and decision making, while providing tough physical challenges.

We’ve teamed up with the sport’s leading magazine Rugby World to offer you the chance to win one of ten copies in a simple-to-enter competition

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