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The International Congress On Childrens Physical Activity And Sport

CIAPSElogoThe International Congress on Children’s Physical Activity and Sport,
University of Liege, Belgium.
17th October to the 18th October, 2014.

Reflections and discussions will focus on the key period between three and nine years, when children start to take part in organised physical and sporting activities.

The challenges within this age range are crucial because this is when relevant and appropriate practice can establish the solid foundations which children need to encourage them to take pleasure in sport and to practice physical activity in the long term.

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There’s nothing new about home gyms

Lateral ExtensionIf you think that the idea of setting up a home gym in the spare room is something new then think again.

A dusty, leather-bound book written in 1861 by Gustav Ernst, describes in detail a portable gymnasium for any Victorian gentleman or lady looking to keep in trim.

The manual was recently unearthed in the archives of of London’s Wellcome Library and shows women in full skirts, crinolines and tightly laced bodices attempting activities such as leg extensions, downward traction, jumping exercises and chest expansions.

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Tennis Coach Ireland National Conference

Tennis Coach IrelandTennis Coach Ireland National Conference
National Tennis Centre,
Dublin City University, Sept 28th.

This will be an “on-court” event, with practical presentations from the main speaker Kris Soutar on subjects ranging from coordination to footwork to mental aspects of tennis.

Kris will provide delegates with new and exciting ideas that they can use on court the next day, to make their own coaching as efficient and effective as possible. The Conference carries 75 points under the 2014 Continuous Professional Development Programme.

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Extra PE cash is having positive effect

Youth RugbyChildren in nine out of 10 primary schools in England are getting better PE lessons thanks to new sport funding, suggests research for the government.

Researchers asked more than 500 schools how they were spending the government’s £150m-a-year PE and Sport Premium.

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Learn the attacking skills of football’s elite

One of the keys to success in football is having solid, well-rounded attacking skills.

In modern football all 10 outfield players, not just the strikers, need to be proficient in attacking play.

Obviously strikers must master the technical and tactical skills involved in putting the ball into the back of the net.

However, defenders must also be willing and able to move forward and join in attacks and even goalkeepers must know how to launch and coordinate a counter attack.

In Attacking Soccer, editor Jay Miller has assembled a panel of experts who have divulged their favourite drills to enable any coach to pass on the attacking skills used with elite players.

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