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Tennis Coach Ireland National Conference

Tennis Coach IrelandTennis Coach Ireland National Conference
National Tennis Centre,
Dublin City University, Sept 28th.

This will be an “on-court” event, with practical presentations from the main speaker Kris Soutar on subjects ranging from coordination to footwork to mental aspects of tennis.

Kris will provide delegates with new and exciting ideas that they can use on court the next day, to make their own coaching as efficient and effective as possible. The Conference carries 75 points under the 2014 Continuous Professional Development Programme.

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Physical assessment of triathletes

Traditionally the focus of triathlon is on volume, intensity and training periodization which consists typically of doing particular workouts during the months, weeks and days leading up to a race.

But what if triathletes could improve performance without logging extra distance on the road or in the water? Well that is the very promise made by Triathletes in Motion.

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How to systematically develop sporting excellence

Long-Term Athlete Development describes how to systematically develop sporting excellence and increase active participation in local, regional and national sport organisations.

This resource describes the long-term athlete development (LTAD) model, an approach to athlete-centered sport that combines skill instruction with long-term planning and an understanding of human development.

By learning about LTAD, sport administrators and coaches will gain the knowledge and tools to enhance participation and improve performance and growth of athletes.

This is an essential guide to improving the quality of sport, developing high-performance athletes and creating healthy, active citizens.

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HK Rewards Members’ Price:£27.19 I €35.36

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An innovative approach to teaching and coaching sport

This innovative and authentic approach to teaching sport combines contemporary theory with the experience of practical and reflective work in real sport environments.

It covers a wide range of team and individual sports, including archery, table tennis, flag football, skiing, cricket and track and field. Plus, you’ll find a wealth of field-tested ideas for working with diverse learners in schools and communities.

Written for both experienced teachers and coaches and those looking to expand their skills, Play Practice offers them the knowledge and tools to improve their current methods of coaching and teaching.

Normal Price: £23.99 I €31.20
HK Rewards Members’ Price: £19.19 I €24.96

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The Voice of the Coach

Lewis-Jones SuiteThe Voice of the Coach
Leeds Metropolitan University

Tuesday 26th to Wednesday 27th March, 2013

This is the culmination of the CoachNet project which has run over an 18 month period in 2012-13 and involved 13 partners from across Europe, investigating current practice and future options in the representation of coaches at various levels of the sporting system.

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