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England’s sports participation numbers fall

The number of people engaged in regular physical activity in England fell 1.4 per cent between October 2014 to March 2015, with swimming and fitness being the major casualties.

The latest figures from Sport England’s Active People Survey show the number of people doing “some kind of sport once a week, every week” fell to 15.5 million – 222,000 fewer than six months ago.

Despite being the most popular participation sport in England – with more than 2.5 million adults taking part in 30 minutes of moderate intensity swimming at least once a week – swimming was once again the standout casualty.

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HK Europe’s New Titles Catalogue available to download now

New-Titles-Jul-Dec-2013-Cover-150pThe latest New Titles Catalogue is now available for download from the Human Kinetics website.

In it you will find details of all the exciting new books, DVDs and CDs that we will be publishing from July until the end of December 2013.

It covers the whole spectrum of interest and subject areas including academic, physical education, sports, and health and fitness.

The printed version will be sent out to UK and European customers in the next few days, but if you can’t wait until then or live outside Europe, then you can get an electronic copy right now. Download it here >>

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Sample a new sport

Much has been made of the sporting legacy that the 2012 Games will provide, particularly the hope that it will inspire the nation to become more physically active.

The widespread coverage of the games will certainly spark public interest into a whole range of sporting activities that are normally considered mainstream in the UK but are nonetheless widely followed elsewhere in the world.

To help people experience some of these sports, a whole programme of taster sessions has been organized throughout the country and there will be something happening in most areas in the coming months.

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Taking charge

The second edition of Successful Sports Officiating will help new officials understand and apply the basic principles of successful officiating.

Chapters on developing skills in the areas of communication, decision making and conflict management will assist in managing contests and working with coaches, players and parents.

Discussions on personal fitness and injury prevention, time management, legal rights and responsibilities, and career development will help officials understand the off-field aspects of being an official.

Price: £16.99 I €20.40
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An insider’s guide to the business of sport

Beyond the Scoreboard takes readers behind the scenes of professional sport to see just how the experts make deals happen.

Discover what it takes to be a success in sport marketing, sponsorships, facility financing, or generating media coverage in this “access all areas” pass to the multibillion-pound world of professional sport.

Rick Horrow, sport business analyst for Fox Sports, Bloomberg TV, Bloomberg Businessweek and the BBC reveals the true movers and shakers while looking at the forces driving this lucrative business.

Price: £13.99 I €16.80
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