Sample a new sport

28 June 2012, 13:40

Much has been made of the sporting legacy that the 2012 Games will provide, particularly the hope that it will inspire the nation to become more physically active.

The widespread coverage of the games will certainly spark public interest into a whole range of sporting activities that are normally considered mainstream in the UK but are nonetheless widely followed elsewhere in the world.

To help people experience some of these sports, a whole programme of taster sessions has been organized throughout the country and there will be something happening in most areas in the coming months.

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Top 10 posts of the year so far

12 August 2011, 09:45

Human Kinetics Logo As August  kicks in and we fall between academic terms what better time to reflect on what has happened over the past year and tell you, our fantastic readers, which posts have been the most popular and also let you catch up on some stories and topics you may have missed.

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Free Webinars

21 June 2011, 01:00

Human Kinetics has organized a rolling programme of free, online webinars which will address a variety of topics and resources relating to sports, coaching, health, fitness, nutrition, training, physical education, recreation and more.

From the comfort of your home or office, you have access to these live Web-based presentations conducted by leading minds in their respective areas of expertise.

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Get in the Know

3 December 2010, 11:17

This iPhone-, iPod Touch-, or iPad-compatible app is the quick and easy way for you to access FREE excerpts, articles and news from Human Kinetics while on the go.

To get your copy of HKnow from Apple’s App Store, click on the iTunes store button on your mobile device and you’ll always have Human Kinetics information at your fingertips.

HKnow will enable you to keep up with the latest trends in the sport and exercise sciences, sports, physical education and fitness from Human Kinetics, the world’s information leader in physical activity.

HK Now is the way to get the very latest news and excerpts from leading experts in their fields who will also help you incorporate them into your workplace or lifestyle.

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Want to run faster, further and stay injury-free?

24 September 2010, 16:38

If you want to run faster, further and stay injury-free – or simply want to enjoy your running more, then why not join noted author and journalist Sam Murphy’s running workshop at Crystal Palace National Sports Centre in South London on Sunday 17th October.

Sam will be looking at running technique (with video analysis) and demonstrating ways you can improve it with drills and exercises, and will work on building running-specific strength and stability and cover warming up, cooling down and stretching effectively.

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An innovative approach to teaching games

19 August 2010, 12:41

Learn and apply an innovative approach to teaching games that has been used around the world for 30 years in school and sport settings.

More Teaching Games for Understanding offers a comprehensive description of the TGfU model (sometimes referred to as the tactical games model or the games sense model).

It provides a thorough grounding in the latest theory, research and practice, whilst aiding the understanding of various models of practice for sport and games education.

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Get ready for the baby boomers

16 July 2009, 20:59

From 2011 onwards the baby boomers, those born between 1946 and 1964, will begin their transition out of the workforce and into retirement.

As they do so, they will be looking for opportunities in fitness, sports, outdoors, arts and cultural events and other activities that suit their vibrant lifestyles.

With their varied life experiences, values, and expectations, baby boomers are predicted to redefine the meaning of recreation and leisure programming for mature adults.

Though many researchers have forecast the boomers’ impact on the future, only Leisure Programming for Baby Boomers addresses key information that recreation and leisure professionals need in order to make programme decisions with baby boomers in mind.

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