See us at the UKSCA Annual Conference

4 July 2014, 14:43

UKSCA-LogoUKSCA 10th Annual Conference
Chesford Grange,
Friday 18th July to Sunday 20th July

In its 10th year, UKSCA’s Annual Conference is now firmly established as a key event in the strength & conditioning calendar.

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No fads, gimmicks, or miracle claims – just results

22 May 2014, 15:23

Nick Tumminello, renowned trainer and innovator in the field of human performance, explains how to use the 3 Cs of metabolic strength training — circuits, combinations and complexes.

It provides more than 150 exercises using barbells, dumbbells, resistance bands, machines and body weight, plus realistic nutrition recommendations for staying healthy, maintaining muscle and regulating metabolism.

Whether a beginner looking for a step-by-step guide to fat loss or a seasoned fitness professional looking for new exercises to spice up existing routines, Strength Training for Fat Loss is the safe programme that produces results.

Normal Price: £14.99 I €19.50
HK Rwards Members’ Price: £11.99 I €15.60

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Designing scientifically-based resistance training programmes

19 May 2014, 09:07

This is a guide to developing individualised training programmes for both serious athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

In this updated and expanded fourth edition, two of the world’s leading experts on strength training explore how to design scientifically based programmes, modify and adapt existing regimes to meet the needs of special populations, and apply the elements of programme design in the real world.

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See Caroline Pearce at BE FIT

27 March 2014, 10:20

caroline450-w300h300If you are planning a trip to BE FIT London on Friday, 28th March don’t miss the presentation by Caroline Pearce, author of Better Body Workouts for Women. Caroline is due to take to the stage at 5.15

The complete guide to training with dumbbells

19 March 2014, 15:34

Develop strength, power, or tone the entire body with Dumbbell Training.

Whether looking to start a new workout regimen or seeking a way to spice things up in a current programme, this resource has it covered.

Regular patrons of the gym or athletes preparing for an upcoming season, will learn how to incorporate dumbbells into their routine in ways never previously considered.

Normal Price: £13.99 I €18.20
HK Rewards Members’ Price: £11.19 I €14.56

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Red meat and exercise on the menu

28 February 2014, 14:56

Red-meat-1Researchers at Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia have found that a protein rich diet incorporating lean red meat combined with strength training improved the size and strength of muscles in elderly women.

The research, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition indicate the study’s results show that the combination of red meat and strength training could be the key to reducing the impact that age-related muscle loss has on the risk of falls and the ability of the elderly to undertake day-to-day activities such as getting out of a chair.

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Strengthening the core

17 February 2014, 15:42

Elite-level athletes take great pride in their fitness and physical strength. You can’t help but notice the muscular legs or well-defined arms. However, whether they are known for a powerful golf swing or a stunning tennis forehand, the best athletes all have one thing in common — a strong and well-conditioned core. The world’s leading organisation in the field of sport conditioning, the US National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), has produced the authoritative resource on strengthening the core to maximise sporting performance. Developing the Core features over 50 of the most effective exercises, science-based assessment tools, sport-specific programmes and expert advice for developing a personalised core programme.

Normal Price: £13.99 I €18.20
HK Rewards Members’ Price: £11.19 I €14.56

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Breast cancer drug in bodybuilding supplement

14 February 2014, 00:13

Est SuppressResearchers have found the breast cancer drug tamoxifen in samples of a widely available bodybuilding dietary supplement.

In a letter to The BMJ this week, they explain that, for more than 30 years, bodybuilders have taken tamoxifen to prevent and treat gynaecomastia (breast swelling) caused by use of anabolic steroids.

Usually, tamoxifen is sourced from the illicit market, they say.

However, bodybuilding discussion forums have speculated that a dietary supplement called Esto Suppress contains tamoxifen because the label listed one of its chemical names.

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Bestseller now with online video

16 January 2014, 13:30

Facilitated Stretching remains the most trusted resource for proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) stretching, an effective and easy-to-use method that involves stretching the muscle, contracting it isometrically against resistance and then stretching it again to increase range of motion.

Stretches are grouped according to each joint, and the majority of the stretches include both a partner stretch version and a self-stretch version. The accompanying online video then demonstrates more than 90 of these stretches to reinforce proper technique for each stretch as well as four sample stretching routines.

Normal Price: £22.49 l €29.25
HK Rewards Members’ Price: £17.99 l €23.40

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The most popular workouts of 2013

18 December 2013, 15:02

KettlebellsIf you searched for CrossFit Workouts or Kettlebell training this year then you were in the majority.

Google’s 13th annual Zeitgeist of the most popular searches of the year found that for those looking to get fit, high-intensity interval training workouts (HIIT) were among the most popular forms of exercise this year.

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