Welcome to the Friendly Games

23 July 2014, 10:12

MascotGlasgow’s moment has arrived after seven years of waiting as the Commonwealth Games will officially get under way following tonight’s opening ceremony.

The Commonwealth Games is a unique, world class event which is held once every four years and is often referred to as the ‘Friendly Games’ and is the third largest multi-sport event after the Olympics and the Asian Games

More than 4,500 athletes will compete across 17 events in the next 11 days.

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Triathletes feel less pain

10 October 2013, 12:57

Trithletes cyclingA new study published in the journal PAIN finds that triathletes feel less pain than casual exercisers.

Triathletes train and compete in a gruelling mix of three endurance sports and push themselves beyond what most of us can endure.

However, little is known about what gives them these abilities but a possible explanation has been put forward by two physical therapy researchers at Tel Aviv University who recruited 19 triathletes and 17 non-athletes for their study.

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School Games success

13 September 2013, 13:47

Sainsbury School GamesMore than 1,600 young athletes from across the country competed in Sheffield at the four day Sainsbury’s School Games which aim to encourage students to perform at the highest levels.

Eight venues were being used for twelve current and future Olympic and Paralympic sports: Fencing, Rugby Sevens, Gymnastics, Hockey, Badminton, Athletics, Cycling, Judo, Swimming, Table Tennis, Volleyball and Wheelchair Basketball.

In addition there were disability events in six sports: Athletics, Fencing, Swimming, Table Tennis, Cycling and Wheelchair Basketball.

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HK Europe’s New Titles Catalogue available to download now

25 July 2013, 15:29

New-Titles-Jul-Dec-2013-Cover-150pThe latest New Titles Catalogue is now available for download from the Human Kinetics website.

In it you will find details of all the exciting new books, DVDs and CDs that we will be publishing from July until the end of December 2013.

It covers the whole spectrum of interest and subject areas including academic, physical education, sports, and health and fitness.

The printed version will be sent out to UK and European customers in the next few days, but if you can’t wait until then or live outside Europe, then you can get an electronic copy right now. Download it here >>

51% of UK primary school age children unable to swim

28 May 2013, 09:33

kidsswimmingMore than 1.1 million primary school children will break up for half term next week unable to be safe in and around water.

That’s according to a report released today by swimming’s governing body, the ASA and Kellogg’s entitled ‘Learning the Lesson : The Future of School Swimming’, which surveyed 3,501 primary schools on how many of their children have attained Key Stage 2 swimming requirements.

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Teaching swimming for non-specialist teachers

24 May 2013, 16:30

Complete Guide to Primary Swimming is designed to support school teachers with limited knowledge and experience of teaching swimming deliver the swimming component of the National Curriculum for key stages 1 and 2.

Teachers already possess a range of skills and expertise that can be easily transferred into the pool environment and by demystifying the teaching of swimming this book allows them to teach it effectively, safely and enjoyably.

Time for the planning of swimming lessons can be limited and therefore this publication will become a constant source of reference for anyone involved in teaching swimming to children aged seven to eleven.

Normal Price: £29.99 I €39.00
HK Rewards Members’ Price: £23.99 I €31.20

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The science behind triathlon success

23 April 2013, 10:34

Leave ’em in your wake, leave ’em in your trail, leave ’em in your dust. Get your brain as fit as your body and achieve your triathlon potential.

Triathlon Science is packed with all the expertise you can handle, and more. From fine-tuning your physiology for each of the three disciplines to plotting the best race strategy for your fitness level, personal goals and competitive conditions, you’ll find the insights and prescriptions typically available only from a top-level coach.

Triathlon Science offers you an unprecedented wealth of advanced yet accessible information on excelling in the sport.

Normal Price: £18.99 I €24.70
HK Rewards Members’ Price: £15.19 I €19.76

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Get the inside view on Triathlon training

12 February 2013, 10:39

Discover what it takes to maximize multisport strength, power, speed and endurance.

Triathlon Anatomy shows how to improve performance by increasing muscular strength and optimizing the efficiency of every movement.

It features 82 of the most effective multisport exercises with step-by-step descriptions and full colour anatomical illustrations highlighting the muscles in action.

It explains how to strengthen muscles and increase stamina for running on various terrains, cycling steep inclines and open water swimming. Best of all, it shows how to put it all together to develop a training programme based on individual needs and goals.

Normal Price: £14.99 I €18.00
HK Rewards Members’ Price: £11.99 I €14.40

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Swim, bike, run to Triathlon success

22 May 2012, 10:55

Edited by members of USA Triathlon, Complete Triathlon Guide offers readers comprehensive advice from the sport’s top triathletes and coaches.

In this guide, triathletes will find invaluable bike-handling techniques straight from the experts, learn how to assess running form and improve running cadence and stride, troubleshoot their freestyle swim stroke and shave seconds off starts and transitions.

Readers will enhance their training regimen with the most effective workouts, including stage-specific programmes for swimming, cycling and running; programmes for strength, flexibility and endurance; tactics that address individual weaknesses; and advice on tapering to ensure peak physical condition on race day.

Normal Price: £13.99 l €16.80
HK Rewards Members’ Price: £11.19 l €13.44

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A triathlete’s most important tool is not a physical trait

22 May 2012, 10:42

Regardless of their differing levels of knowledge and experience, success for all triathletes begins with the planning process.

USA Triathlon says that planning helps you identify clear goals, understand your current level of readiness and establish an accurate training regimen.

Planning also requires you to take a realistic look at your current position on a frequent basis throughout the season, acquire new information and then make decisions on the way you are going to train.

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