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Interdisciplinary Teaching Through Physical Education

The popular Interdisciplinary Teaching Through Physical Education has been revised and is better than ever. This new edition is a guide to successfully integrating language, mathematics, science, social studies and the arts with all aspects of physical education through active learning experiences.

Interdisciplinary TeachingIt offers the following features:

  • 24 learning experiences in the five academic areas, 193 additional ideas for developing those learning experiences and 37 new, ongoing strategies for teaching physical education through cross-curricular methods.
  • It is revised and expanded, to provide additional teaching tools to supplement, support, and enhance teaching.
  • It delivers new practical ideas and activities for classroom use, based on current theory and best practices.

Part I, describes the theoretical need for and benefits of interdisciplinary teaching and learning. The authors identify models for planning and implementing interdisciplinary experiences and provide ideas for getting started, building a support network and assessing learning.

Part II, describes sample learning experiences in each of the five main academic disciplines and offer ideas for developing additional learning experiences. It also presents suggested scope and sequence of concepts for each level and describes the concepts and skills that are appropriate for primary and secondary students.

Interdisciplinary Elementary Physical Education will give students a wealth of knowledge while they’re being active. They’ll have fun while they conjugate, calculate, investigate, explore, dance – and move across the curriculum.

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