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Body-sculpting expert reveals how to get arms like Michelle Obama

michelle-obama-body-sculpting-fitness-arms“I want arms like Michelle Obama!” That’s what women across the world have been saying ever since the American First Lady’s shoulder-baring appearances during the US Presidential inaugural balls. Fitness and body-sculpting expert Brad Schoenfeld, author of Sculpting Her Body Perfect and six other fitness books has the answers for those who want to look great sleeveless.

He recently gave away some tricks of the trade for attaining ‘buff ‘arms. While acknowledging that genetics play a role in body tone, he maintains that “Genetic predisposition covers only about 50 percent,” adding, “if you work out properly, everyone has the ability to look terrific within their own genetic framework.”

Underscoring the important role cardio-workouts play in any body-sculpting regimen he went on “You can have the best muscle definition in the world, but if you have that layer of fat over it, you’ll never see the tone underneath.”

While lateral raises – holding dumbbells and raising the arms out to the side – work the side part of the deltoid and give a shapely look, Schoenfeld also advocates the ‘Arnold press’, a little-used exercise named after Arnold Schwarzenegger, that can add variety to your workout and improve the deltoids’ overall shape.

This exercise consists of grasping two dumbbells at shoulder level with palms facing toward the body. Press the dumbbells directly upward, simultaneously rotating the hands so that the palms face forward as the weights touch together overhead. Slowly return the weights along the same path, rotating the hands back to the start position.

By following a few basic body-sculpting techniques, Schoenfeld maintains that women can mask flaws and enhance their natural attributes. “Training your shoulders is essential because they create the whole illusion of the upper body,” he states.

The owner of the exclusive Personal Training Center for Women in Scarsdale, New York, he’s the trainer that countless fitness models have consulted to sculpt their physiques to perfection.

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