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Widdy’s Ballroom Blitz

Ann Widdecombe has said ballroom dancing could help boost discipline and fitness in schools and should be encouraged, but not made compulsory.

The former politician and unlikely Strictly Come Dancing star was responding to a question asked by a reporter at the North of England Education Conference, in Blackpool, about the benefits of ballroom dancing.

But she rejected the idea of making ballroom dancing compulsory in schools.
“As soon as something is regarded as beneficial somebody jumps up and says ‘let’s make it compulsory, let’s pass a law saying you have to gyrate around a ballroom floor”.

“I don’t want to make it compulsory, but I think it should be widely encouraged”.
She said that being assessed on dancing skills could help combat a culture she said was “afraid” of competition.

But she added that it would not help youngsters’ self-esteem to face the “barrage” of criticism she faced from judges each week on the show where one likened her to a “Dalek in drag” and said her dancing was “overwhelmingly awful”.

Gotta Ballroom is an excellent guide to teaching and dancing the waltz, tango, foxtrot and Viennese waltz.

Including a 64-minute DVD, Gotta Ballroom provides specific instruction for learning the four most popular ballroom dances. and breaks down both leader and follower roles to show basic footwork, body positioning, timing, styling and transitions.

Perhaps, if Ann had read it she might have won!

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