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The benefits of online courses

Online 2Whether a full time student on a degree course, a sport and exercise professional looking to advance your career, or an athlete looking to improve performance, online education has become a popular alternative to face-to- face learning.

Evidence shows that online courses can be just as effective traditional methods and anyone, from working professionals to recent graduates, can continue to learn and improve.

Below are five major benefits of online learning.

1 Variety:
Whatever your own particular area of interest there is a suitable course to meet it. Human Kinetics for example offers courses ranging from ankle sprains to weightlifting

2 Lower total costs:
Online courses can be a more affordable option with online courses starting from as little as £22.50. In addition there are other savings in the form of no travel costs and some materials such as textbooks and other course materials being supplied online.

3 Work at your own pace:
As there are no physical class sessions you can work at your own convenience at a time and place to suit you.

4 Career advancement:
Students can take online courses and earn CPD points while working, while in-between jobs or taking a career break. This will also fill any career discontinuity or gaps in a CV as well and serve to demonstrate that you are ambitious and eager to keep abreast of career developments.

5. Accreditation by leading bodies:
Having completed your course and passed the examination, you can opt to have your achievement endorsed by some of the most prestigious and respected professional bodies such as REPS, ACSM and NSCA.

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