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Evaluate the physical attributes of older adults

Senior Fitness TestThis course leads you through the Senior Fitness Test battery. It’s a set of assessments for evaluating the physical attributes older adults need to perform daily activities.

The tests include national averages based on data collected from 7,000 US adults aged 60–94. There are also best practices for modifying test protocols for individuals with limitations resulting from disease-specific conditions.

The accompanying DVD presents visual demonstrations of each test, along with modifications. Meaning you can administer tests safely and with confidence.

Also included with this continuing education course are ready-to-use materials. These include printable forms, large-print instructions and performance charts to show in testing stations.

After completing the Senior Fitness Test Second Edition course you’ll be able to:

  • Identify the fitness parameters required for functional mobility.
  • Describe functional activities associated with muscle strength, aerobic endurance, flexibility and agility and dynamic balance.
  • Recognise the functional fitness framework as it relates to fitness parameters, functional behaviours and activity goals.
  • Describe test validity and reliability.
  • Interpret test scores.

At the end of the course there will be a continuing education exam. Once successfully completed, REPS members will receive three REPS points.

Please note: REPS membership is not a prerequisite of taking this course. You may choose to have CPD points awarded from other reputable endorsing organisations. Please see a full list of certifying organisations on


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