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Webinar recording now available

Bill Beswick“Developing the Mindset of Winning Teams”
Presented by Bill Beswick

The recording of this webinar is now available and is a must for anyone involved in the coaching or management of sports teams.

Bill drew upon his work as performance psychologist with national and elite teams in a variety of sports, Premier League and European football clubs and USA college soccer teams.

View it now

Central to his role is helping coaches, support staff and athletes shape the collective mindset of their team. Team mindset – the way a team collectively think and feel – is a powerful force governing winning behaviour.

One GoalHe refered to his latest bestselling book, One Goal – The Mindset of Winning Soccer Teams to illustrate ways in which a competitive and winning mindset can be built and maintained.

The webinar:

  • Emphasised the importance of mindset to performance
  • Demonstrated the building blocks of team mindset
  • Underlined the influence of the mindset of the coach
  • Identified what can destroy team mindset

About Bill Beswick
Bill’s career includes 3 years as Head Coach to the England Senior Men’s Basketball Team alongside teaching, lecturing and college management experience. Now with 21 years experience as an applied performance psychologist, he has worked with 9 national teams, covering both men and women’s teams at senior and youth levels, across 4 sports. He has extensive experience in the English Premier League, most notably with Manchester United and Middlesborough. Ask Bill what his most fulfilling role is and he’ll reply “Coaching Coaches”. It is as a coach educator and mentor that his experience and insights prove the most valuable. Bill is also author of two successful titles Focused for Soccer and One Goal – The Mindset of Winning Soccer Teams, published by Human Kinetics.

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