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Isokinetic dynamometry for assessment of muscle strength and joint function

Presenter Bill Baltzopoulos

The assessment of muscle strength by measuring the joint moment using isokinetic dynamometry is affected by a number of mechanical and neuromuscular factors.

Understanding the effects of these factors on reliability and validity of dynamometry parameters is essential for the correct interpretation of muscle strength and joint function measurements and their relationship to performance.

By the end of this webinar you will be able to be able to apply the most appropriate techniques for the measurement of muscle strength and joint function (as suggested by the BASES Biomechanics guidelines).

More specifically to:

  • identify the mechanical parameters used to describe human strength and their measurement in different populations using various types of equipment
  • describe the differences between dynamometer moment, joint moment and muscle moment
  • describe the parameters that affect the reliability and validity of strength parameters
  • describe the factors that allow correct interpretation of the relationship between dynamic strength and performance parameters
  • apply appropriate correction methods for the accurate assessment of muscle strength

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About the presenter
Bill Baltzopoulos is a BASES accredited biomechanist (research) and has served as Chair of the Biomechanics section and representative to the Education & Training Committee. His main interests include the structure and function of the musculoskeletal system and the measurement and modelling of joint and muscle function during different activities, including isokinetic dynamometry, training and rehabilitation exercises and various sports. He is one of the main author of the various BASES guidelines related to muscle strength and isokinetic dynamometry and the organizer of the BASES workshops in these areas. He is also the lead author of the recent BASES expert position statement on assessment of muscle strength with isokinetic dynamometry.

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