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NSCA’s Certified Personal Trainer


Our course of the week this week is NSCA’s Certified Personal Trainer.

The National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and Human Kinetics have jointly developed an online course to help people study for the NSCA’s Certified Personal Trainer exam (NSCA-CPT). This online study course works in tandem with the material presented in NSCA’s Essentials of Personal Training, Second Edition, to offer a practical and efficient method of studying the content assessed on the NSCA-CPT exam.

Featuring over 120 interactive learning activities, this course offers scientific knowledge and practical application and pinpoints the information required for preparing for the exam.

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The course is endorsed by The British Association of Exercise Sciences (BASES) for 8 points and The Register of Exercise Professionals (REP’s) for 3 points.

Current certified NSCA professionals who complete the course and pass the test can also earn 1.5 continuing education credits too. The course is also accredited by 5 other certifying organisations.

Course Structure

The course content reflects the weighting and scope of the NSCA-CPT exam and has varying levels of recall, application and analysis learning activities for each primary objective. Featuring over 120 interactive learning activities, this online study course offers scientific knowledge and practical application and pinpoints the information required for preparing for the exam. The content covered relates directly to the on-the-job duties and responsibilities of a certified personal trainer and an end-of-course test evaluates the learner’s content knowledge, mimicking the scope and difficulty of the actual certification exam.

The course is broken up into 4 parts and 13 units, these are:

Part 1 Client Consultation and Assessment
Unit 1: Initial Interview
Unit 2: Medical History and Health Appraisal
Unit 3: Fitness Evaluation
Unit 4: Basic Nutrition Review

Part 2 Programme Planning
Unit 5: Goal Setting
Unit 6: Programme Design
Unit 7: Training Adaptations
Unit 8: Special Populations

Part 3 Techniques of Exercise
Unit 9: Machine Resistance Exercises
Unit 10: Free Weight Exercises
Unit 11: Other Exercises

Part 4 Safety, Emergency Procedures, and Legal Issues
Unit 12: Safety Procedures
Unit 13: Professional, Legal and Ethical Responsibility

This course includes the e-book Essentials of Personal Training, Second Edition. The e-book format allows readers to bookmark, highlight and take notes throughout the text.

About the Author


Founded in 1978, the National Strength and Conditioning Association is an international nonprofit educational association with members in over 70 countries. Drawing on its vast network of members, the NSCA develops and presents the most advanced information regarding strength training and conditioning practices, injury prevention and research findings.

Unlike any other organisation, the NSCA brings together a diverse group of professionals from the sport science, athletic, allied health and fitness industries. By working to find practical applications for new research findings, the association fosters the development of strength training and conditioning as a discipline and as a profession.

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