Running Flow: how to get in ‘the zone’, destroy more PRs

Ask any serious runner and they’ll tell you that being mentally sound is vital to success in the sport. The ability to enter a flow state of mind is something that Dr. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi has devoted his entire career to understanding.

The ability to enter a flow state of mind can help any runner overcome the psychological barriers associated with a race.

Running Flow offers the tools and strategies needed to fully experience the power of flow and reach those personal bests.

It features first-hand flow experiences from elite runners, as well as exercises to make running “in the zone” achievable.

Running Flow is available to buy now from, priced at £16.99 / €20.40 (HK Rewards members £13.59 / €16.32). You can read an excerpt from the book entitled Three Simple Steps to Help You Find Your Running Flow elsewhere on this blog.

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