Clare Guss-West interviewed by Swiss Dance Association

Author of Attention and Focus in Dance, Clare Guss-West has recently been interviewed by the Swiss Dance Association (Tanz Vereinigung Schweiz). The full interview is featured on the Swiss Dance Association’s website available in French, German and Italian. We’ve provided the full interview translated into English below. Clare Guss-West MA, is a former professional dancer, choreographer, holistic health practitioner and author. Clare translates sports science attentional focus research for professional dance and Dance for Health applications. She delivers this for companies such as The Royal Ballet, Finnish National Ballet, Mark Morris Dance Group, NY and Bern Ballet, and teaches it for the MAS Dance Science, Bern University and Diploma ‘Dance, Health & Aging’, University Côte d’Azur, France. Chair of IADMS Dance for Health committee and Director, Dance & Creative Wellness Foundation she advocates internationally for dance as a creative healthcare practice.  You are a professional dancer, choreographer, dance scientist and holistic health practitioner. How did you get into dance and what role does dance play in your life?  I first started dancing aged 4 so I don’t … Continue reading Clare Guss-West interviewed by Swiss Dance Association