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Weather and jet lag implications for footballers

With all the recent news of elite football players moving to China and the controversial upcoming FIFA World Cups being hosted in Russia (2018) and Qatar (2022) travel and weather is a ‘hot’ topic in elite level football.

Can these elite professionals be affected on the pitch by changing weather conditions and long commutes for away games?  Continue reading

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Could you benefit from cold-water immersion?

The use of cold-water immersion (CWI) for post-exercise recovery has become increasingly prevalent in recent years. We’ve all seen the images and heard about athletes jumping in ice baths or cold water post game (just like Andy Murray after winning Wimbledon). However is it for everyone?

T3623236c00000578-3683503-image-a-41_1468177484013he International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance by Human Kinetics has recently published an article focusing specifically on why some of the current literature may show variability and disparity in the effectiveness of CWI for recovery of athletic performance by examining the body temperature and cardiovascular responses underpinning CWI and how they are related to performance benefits.

This review also examines how individual characteristics (such as physique traits), differences in water-immersion protocol (depth, duration, temperature) and exercise type (endurance vs maximal) interact with these mechanisms. Continue reading

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Journal of the Month – International Sport Coaching Journal


Our journal of the month for February is International Sport Coaching  Journal (ISCJ)Wade Gilbert PHD, the author of Coaching Better Every Season, is the Editor-in-chief for the International Sport Coaching  Journal. The journal has been in existence since 2008, the first issue of 2017 came out just last week. Continue reading

Title: Strength Training for Fat Loss
DE:Laura Floch
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Should you be foam rolling?

We’ve all seen the recent influx of foam rollers in gyms around the world. After spending decades on the fitness fringes, foam rolling has now truly come into its own. It’s thought to improve athletic performance and flexibility, slash recovery time, reduce muscle pain and delayed onset muscle soreness (DOM’s). Can this be true?  Continue reading

Young man with back pain, isolated in white
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Exercise not drugs for lower back pain

Back pain is a common complaint, affecting one in six people at any given time, pain in the lower back (lumbago) is particularly common.

The pain often disappears within a few weeks. However, for many, it persists, leading to people seeking advice from their GPs. Patients are advised by the NHS to stay as active as possible, try exercises and stretches, take anti-inflammatory painkillers and use hot or cold compression packs for short-term relief. Continue reading

Title:Myofascial Release
DE:Kate Maurer
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A guide to myofascial release by Ruth Duncan

Less than a decade ago, myofascial release (MFR) was little known in the UK or Europe in either the therapy or research fields. Nowadays most gyms have foam rollers or rumble rollers. If this isn’t enough, people are going to see sport and massage therapists, such as Human Kinetics author, Ruth Duncan.

ruth-duncan-small-2Ruth Duncan, author of  Myofascial Release has spent over 15 years learning and developing her work, reading and applying research into her practice to enhance the outcomes of the treatment, as well as helping clients with self-care and home rehabilitation programmes.

Ruth has written a blog for Human Kinetics, giving us expert insight into myofascial release, with an explanation of how it works. Ruth begins by describing the anatomy with the fascial system and structure. Continue reading

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The psychology of sport injury


Psychology of Sport Injury provides a thorough explanation of the elements and effects of sport injuries.

It takes a contemporary approach to preventing, treating and rehabilitating sport injuries, taking into account the physical, psychological and social factors.

This essential guide also includes evidence-based examples and demonstrates applications you may face working with athletes.


Normal Price: £48.99 | €58.80
HK Rewards Price: £39.19 | €47.04

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Study reveals just how much joining a gym could help your health

A new study has suggested that joining a gym might be one of the best investments you can make to help boost health and fitness levels.

The study was conducted at Iowa State University and found that people with gym memberships exercised more and had better measures of heart health.

Continue reading