High Performance Sports Coaching Excellence Summit

This year’s High Performance Sports Coaching Excellence Summit (HPSCE) is being hosted at Dublin City University, Ireland on the 8th and 9th of June. The cutting-edge conference is designed for those working within the elite sport and coaching industry.

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The surprising benefits of chocolate

Easter is fast approaching, a time of year where many of us love to indulge in chocolate eggs. Most people tend to feel guilty for eating chocolate but is it really as bad as people make out? Surprisingly there are a lot of benefits to eating chocolate as this timely post explains.

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Three simple steps to help you find your running flow

The ability to enter into a flow state of mind will help you overcome the psychological barriers associated with any race. In the new book Running Flow, pioneering flow researcher Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi along with Philip Latter and Christine Weinkauff Duranso give you the tools and strategies for experiencing the power of flow yourself. Follow the three steps in this post to help maximise your chances of finding flow in your runs.

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How to snatch by Aurélien Broussal-Derval

The ultra technical snatch has become a must for the circuits of HIIT and strength and conditioning (S&C). The book Modern Art of High Intensity Training devotes many sessions to it and for good reason: if one takes the time to learn this Olympic lift, it is, without a doubt, one of the most complete movements to be performed, from both a strength and motor perspective. Let’s take the 6 essential steps to carry out this exercise efficiently and safely.

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Arraché par Aurélien Broussal-Derval

L’ultra technique arraché est devenu un incontournable des circuits de crosstraining et de préparation physique. Le livre la #MethodeCrossTraining y consacre de nombreuses séances, et pour cause : si l’on prend le temps de l’apprentissage, c’est sans doute l’un des mouvements les plus complets que l’on puisse pratiquer, tant sur le plan physique que moteur. Reprenons les 6 phases essentielles pour réaliser cet exercice efficacement et en toute sécurité.

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Free tennis lessons for 20,000 children across the UK

The Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) is set to follow up last year’s launch of Tennis for Kids with an expanded programme of free lessons for children aged five to eight. Nearly 1,000 LTA coaches have undertaken training to deliver the course of six lessons.

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Time for an exercise break?

Is it time we paid employees to exercise at work?

According to a recent report by the British Heart Foundation more than 20 million people in the UK are physically inactive. A controversial new article by a business leader has suggested paying staff to workout during office hours could be the answer to reduce obesity and increase productivity.

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Save 15% this Easter

A little bird told us you like surprise Easter treats, so as a thank you to all our customers, we’re offering you 15% off all books, eBooks, DVDs and courses for a limited time. All you have to do is enter promo code EASTER15 at the checkout to claim your discount, you better Scram-ble though, the code egg-spires on Easter Monday (17th April at midnight BST).

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Premier League sets up new scheme to help educate children

On 31st March The Premier League launched Premier League Primary Stars, a national curriculum-linked education programme which uses the appeal of the Premier League and professional football clubs to inspire children to learn, be active and develop important life skills.

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