Putting Athletes’ Interests First for More Powerful Coaching – a webinar

Leadership styles in coaching are as diverse as the coaches themselves, yet a review of the research and coaching literature shows that the most effective coaches adopt an athlete-centered leadership style.

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Club Leaders Conference

Scottish_Athletics_LogoClub Leaders Conference
Hampden Park, Glasgow

Saturday 22 November.

Club Leaders Conference is geared for club folk keen to build their knowledge on various aspects of the sport and includes presentations about club governance and legal issues, effective management, to pay or not to pay coaches and social media help and advice.

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Hitting the ground running

New research shows that world-class sprinters attack the ground to maximise impact forces and speed according to two new studies from Southern Methodist University, Dallas

The world’s fastest sprinters have unique gait features that account for their ability to achieve fast speeds and the new findings indicate that the secret to elite sprinting speeds lies in the distinct limb dynamics sprinters use to elevate ground forces upon foot-ground impact.

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