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Coaching success through the application of psychology

Applying Educational Psychology in Coaching Athletes discusses how to improve coaching success and athletic performance through the application of teaching principles and theories. Delving deeper than simply offering an explanation of what athletes learn and what coaches teach, it provides insight into the principles of psychology that drive the emotions, motivation, expectations, self‐worth and relationships of athletes. Developing coaches gain focus, motivation and guidance as they learn how a thoughtful coach provides the structure and discipline to make athletes more successful. Normal Price: £43.99 I €57.20 HK Rewards Members’ Price: £35.19 I €45.76 Find out more

Let’s Play

Most children love break and playground time. But there are often some individuals left standing alone watching others play. Those who have not developed the necessary skills they need to take part in physical activities on the playground are left inactive and isolated, which can lead to long-lasting negative effects on their self-esteem. Let’s Play! Promoting Active Playgrounds will help you make sure that no children are left on the sidelines watching and waiting for the bell or for a parent to pick them up. But through Let’s Play!, you can ensure that every child under your care has the repertoire of movement skills to enable them to be physically active in the playground. Price: £22.00 I €24.20 Read more