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See an astonishing new you with Fitness Illustrated

Fitness Illustrated is a visual, straightforward approach to core fitness concepts, exercise programming, nutrition, and weight management. Photos, illustrations, and explanations depict how a body changes through aerobic and strength training so you can customise routines to maximise benefits and address specific needs and goals. Continue reading See an astonishing new you with Fitness Illustrated

Should you be foam rolling

Should you be foam rolling?

We’ve all seen the recent influx of foam rollers in gyms around the world. After spending decades on the fitness fringes, foam rolling has now truly come into its own. It’s thought to improve athletic performance and flexibility, slash recovery time, reduce muscle pain and delayed onset muscle soreness (DOM’s). Can this be true?  Continue reading “Should you be foam rolling?”

Free webinar: Postural Assessment – a beginner’s guide

If you are new to postural assessment or feel you need a refresher, this webinar provides the nuts and bolts of this essential assessment skill. It covers the why, who, when and how of postural assessment. Why carry one out in the first place? For whom is it useful? When should a postural assessment be performed? What should you look for? It also answers questions such as where to start and what to do with your findings?

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