A guide to Rugby League

With the exciting news that England has just been selected to host the 2021 Rugby League World Cup. Now is an excellent time to get into some great international Rugby League. This fast-paced, tough tackling sport is most popular in Yorkshire/Lancashire, UK and the Australasia continent.  Many people not living anywhere near the M62 or Sydney are often confused by Rugby League. Well, here is a rough guide. How to win The aim of Rugby League is to simply score more points than your opponents. Points are scored by scoring tries. You score tries (worth four points) by touching the ball down over your opponent’s try line. You can convert that to six by kicking a goal. The other means of scoring are a penalty goal (also worth two points) and a drop goal (worth one point). Players, positions and the length of a game There are two teams of 13 players with four reserves on the interchange bench. Each team can make a maximum of 12 changes involving any combination of players. Rugby League players have to be … Continue reading A guide to Rugby League