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Develop effective physical activity programmes

Developing Effective Physical Activity Programs emphasises the move away from a one-size-fits-all approach to physical activity programmes.

Developing Effective Physical Activity Programs

It provides evidence-based recommendations for designing, implementing and evaluating more effective and appropriate physical activity programmes for women, overweight and obese populations, older adults and ethnically diverse populations.

The text includes summaries of current research studies examining physical activity interventions in various groups and settings. Key considerations are discussed for each category, including the elements that make up the most successful interventions, unique obstacles to participation and techniques for overcoming them.

Helpful tables summarise these barriers and suggested solutions for each group, providing a quick reference for designing programmes.

The text also examines how environment, setting and use of technology can influence intervention planning. It looks at the way in which neighbourhood and community composition can affect a person’s physical activity levels.

It considers the various settings in which an exercise programme can be held, including homes, churches and worksites and how these will variously affect and influence the programme.

It also shows you how technology, such as web and phone-based interventions and podcasts, can be used to expand the reach of your programme and positively influence the physical activity levels of participants.

It is intended as a reference for public health professionals, health promotion specialists, exercise physiologists and fitness professionals who design, implement, and evaluate physical activity interventions.

Also a resource for recreation and community centres and a supplemental text for physical education and health promotion curricula.

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