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Exercise For The Prevention Of Falls In Older Age – Webinar

Over one-third of people aged over 65 fall each year. This webinar will describe the importance of exercise for the prevention of falls in the elderly.

Exercise For The Prevention Of Falls

A recently completed Cochrane Collaboration Systematic Review (including 108 randomised controlled trials) aimed to evaluate the effects of any form of exercise as a single intervention on falls in people aged 60+ years.

This webinar outlines the results of that Systematic Review. It also provides practical advice on effective strategies for implementing the evidence into practice. Intensity, dose, tailoring, balance, gait and muscle strength will all be discussed.

Webinar recorded on – Wednesday 25th September 2019 | 10.00 BST

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the key characteristics of effective exercise for the prevention of falls in older age.
  • Describe how to progress exercises to increase the intensity of balance challenge.
  • Describe some validated exercise programmes to prevent falls among older community-dwellers.

Presenter Profile

Exercise For The Prevention Of Falls

Prof Anne Tiedemann is a Principal Research Fellow in the Faculty of Medicine and Health, The University of Sydney, Australia. She has over 90 peer-reviewed research publications on risk factors for falls in older people and the implementation and evaluation of exercise-based fall prevention interventions. Her current research focusses on the evaluation of new strategies to prevent falls and to increase physical activity participation among older people with the broad goal of promoting healthy ageing.

Recording Now Available

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