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Our best-selling book of all time breaks another record

Human Kinetics would like to thank all our fantastic customers as we are pleased to announce that our best-selling book Strength Training Anatomy by Frédéric Delavier has now sold over 2.5 million copies worldwide.

Former French Powerlifter Delavier is also a gifted artist with an exceptional knowledge of human anatomy, which is why this book has proved so popular.

This book has over 600 full-color illustrations that reveal the primary muscles worked along with all the relevant surrounding structures including bones, ligaments, tendons and connective tissue.

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Study reveals just how much joining a gym could help your health

A new study has suggested that joining a gym might be one of the best investments you can make to help boost health and fitness levels.

The study was conducted at Iowa State University and found that people with gym memberships exercised more and had better measures of heart health.

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Lifting lighter weights could still help build muscle strength


A new report published in the Journal of Applied Physiology has challenged workout routines. The research has suggested that lifting lighter weights many times can be as efficient as lifting heavy weights for fewer repetitions.

This research is the latest in a series of studies which began in 2010. It contradicts previous thoughts that the best way to build muscle is by lifting heavy weights.

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Advanced Reps, Sets and Loads for Hypertrophy and Strength

Our course of the week this week is Advanced Reps, Sets and Loads for Hypertrophy and Strength.

In it, you will discover the combinations of reps, sets and loads that are necessary for various strength training adaptations. You’ll learn to periodize a strength programme and gain command of the principles that produce results.

Take the course today and start designing strength training protocols using the most effective and efficient strength programming options.

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This continuing education exam is delivered online and tests your knowledge after viewing the webinar Advanced Reps, Sets and Loads for Hypertrophy and Strength.

The course is endorsed by The British Association of Sport and Exercise Science (BASES) for 1 point. Members of the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS) can also earn 3 REPs points for the course.

Upon successful completion, you will be able to retrieve your certificate of completion from the My Courses/Transcripts area of the Education Center and submit it to your certifying organisation. Instructions for retrieving this certificate, as well as information on taking the exam, will be e-mailed to you when your order is complete.

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