Ruth Duncan performing Myofascial Release

A guide to myofascial release by Ruth Duncan

Less than a decade ago, myofascial release (MFR) was little known in the UK or Europe in either the therapy or research fields. Nowadays most gyms have foam rollers or rumble rollers. If this isn’t enough, people are going to see sport and massage therapists, such as Human Kinetics author, Ruth Duncan.

ruth-duncan-small-2Ruth Duncan, author of Myofascial Release has spent over 15 years learning and developing her work, reading and applying research into her practice to enhance the outcomes of the treatment, as well as helping clients with self-care and home rehabilitation programmes.

Ruth has written a blog for Human Kinetics, giving us expert insight into myofascial release, with an explanation of how it works. Ruth begins by describing the anatomy with the fascial system and structure. Continue reading “A guide to myofascial release by Ruth Duncan”

High-efficiency training to build muscle and performance

Expert trainer Nick Tumminello’s Building Muscle and Performance: A Program for Size, Strength & Speed fuses together the most effective exercises and progressions to form a high-octane, high-efficiency training programme. This guide includes hundreds of exercises and training plans, all designed to increase speed, athleticism and endurance. It also features strength and power lifts to help readers gain a lean, muscular physique. Through expert advice and detailed photo sequences readers are shown every movement, as well as a series of variations to increase or decrease difficulty. Normal Price: £18.99 | €28.90 HK Rewards: £15.19 | €23.12 Find out more Subscribe to our newsletters … Continue reading High-efficiency training to build muscle and performance

Save a doomed workout with a better understanding of anatomy

Dr Nick EvansMuscular proportion and symmetry are created by intelligent exercise choices and not simply by chance.

That’s why Dr. Nick Evans, a highly regarded authority on strength training, nutrition and weight training injuries, believes that knowledge of anatomy is the key to success for any serious bodybuilder.

He asserts that by taking the guesswork out of bodybuilding anatomy, efforts at the gym will be more productive and efficient, producing maximum results in minimum time.

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