Month: November 2021

How to build your brand as a Personal Trainer

In this post guest author FitPro discuss how to build your brand as a personal trainer both through online and offline channels. This post is the third in a four part series written by FitPro. Part one covered Is personal training the right career for you? and part two explored Which type of personal trainer are you? FitPro will be exploring how to build a concise, targeted and successful brand that matches your style and expertise as a Personal Trainer (PT) along with ideas of inspiration for marketing, and how to represent your brand in the most effective fashion.

Most wanted books of 2021

In this post we explore some of our most in demand eBooks of 2021. From sport science to sport healthcare, take a look and take your pick. High-Performance Training for Sports The second edition has finally arrived and features contributions from global leaders in athletic performance training, coaching, and rehabilitation, sharing the techniques they’ve used with Olympians, elite athletes, and teams from professional sport leagues around the world.  Split into three parts, the book covers establishing and developing resilience, developing athletic capabilities and enhancing and sustaining performance. NSCA’s Essentials of Sport Science With contributions from 52 internationally recognised experts in sport science, this NSCA book provides all you need to know about being a sport scientist from athlete assessment, to data analytics and disseminating information. In addition to being a useful guide for sport scientists it is also useful preparation for the NSCA’s CPSS certification exam. Functional Training Anatomy Strength and conditioning specialists Kevin Carr and Mary Kate Feit cut through the clutter and misconceptions about functional training and cover all aspects of how to …