Month: January 2009

Motor Skill Learning May Be Enhanced By Mild Brain Stimulation

Motor skills, which are used for activities from typing and driving to sports, require practise and learning over a prolonged period of time. During practise, the brain encodes information about how to perform the task, but even during periods of rest, the brain is still at work strengthening the memory of doing the task. This process is known as consolidation.

Any colour you want as long as its red

February is National Heart Month and is your chance to take a stand against the UK’s biggest killer. The British Heart Foundation is encouraging people to hold events throughout the month and has assembled a free Fundraising Kit containing posters, games, advice and ideas to help you organise and promote your event. The theme of the event can take any form your imagination can conjure up – a wear red day, a red wine party, a red scarf knitathon, a red faces event …anything goes as long as it’s red! To get more information or request a Fundraising Kit contact the British Heart Foundation.