Could you benefit from cold-water immersion?

The use of cold-water immersion (CWI) for post-exercise recovery has become increasingly prevalent in recent years. We’ve all seen the images and heard about athletes jumping in ice baths or cold water post game (just like Andy Murray after winning Wimbledon). However is it for everyone?

T3623236c00000578-3683503-image-a-41_1468177484013he International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance by Human Kinetics has recently published an article focusing specifically on why some of the current literature may show variability and disparity in the effectiveness of CWI for recovery of athletic performance by examining the body temperature and cardiovascular responses underpinning CWI and how they are related to performance benefits.

This review also examines how individual characteristics (such as physique traits), differences in water-immersion protocol (depth, duration, temperature) and exercise type (endurance vs maximal) interact with these mechanisms. Continue reading “Could you benefit from cold-water immersion?”

Free webinar – Overtraining from a Functional Health Perspective

The second webinar of our four-part series with Ian Craig and The British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences (BASES) will be Overtraining from a Functional Health Perspective.

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Extreme Interval Training

97814504799501Our course of the week this week is Extreme Interval Training

Extreme Interval Training Course provides a variety of high-intensity workouts, including fartlek, pyramid, ladder, sport-specific, cardio-strength, partner, push-up pyramids and core conditioning.

Helen Vanderburg shares goal-focused intervals and more than 50 dynamic exercises and drills to create extensive and intensive training formats.

At the conclusion of the course, you will take a continuing education exam for credit through participating organisations. Continue reading “Extreme Interval Training”