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How diet and lifestyle choices impact athletic performance and risk of infection

Professional football (Soccer) players are exposed to large amounts of physiological and psychological stress, which can increase infection risk and threaten availability for training and competition.

Most athletes do take their diets seriously, however, this isn’t always the case and with up to 50 competitive, high-pressure games in a nine month period as well as training almost every day, players who do not prioritise their diet put themselves at increased risk of infection.

International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism recently published a Case Study: Nutritional and Lifestyle Support to Reduce Infection Incidence in an InternationalStandard Premier League Soccer Player. 

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Strength and conditioning training to improve your 5k run time

The 5k run is where endurance athletes can really pick up the pace as it is a relatively short distance race. It is one of the most common race distances and a good test for people fairly new to running. With the popularity of parkrun, 1,000’s of people run 5k every Saturday morning.

Would you like to know how you can improve your time? The latest research suggests you may want to move away from just running and bring some strength training into your programme.

The International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance has published a study investigating the effects of a sport-specific maximal strength and conditioning programme on critical velocity (CV), anaerobic running distance (ARD) and 5k time trial performance (TT).

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Human Kinetics Ancillaries and how to access them

Did you know most of our textbooks come with ancillaries? These instructor resources are free to course adopters and granted by your sales representative. You can create a well-organised syllabus using the tools from our ancillaries and test your students understanding by building quizzes from test packages using sample exercises.

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Free webinar – Investigating and Preventing Sport-Related Ankle Sprain Injury

As we continue to work with The British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences (BASES) we are happy to announce our latest webinar of the series: Investigating and Preventing Sport-Related Ankle Sprain Injury.

Date: Wednesday 26th April 2017
Time: 3 pm BST
Dr Daniel Fong, PhD, FISBS, FHKASMSS

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Ankle sprain is common in sports and therefore it is worth investigating and preventing. The webinar will first cover a series of biomechanics studies on ankle inversion sprain mechanism. This involved a forensic motion analysis on video footages of real injury incidents. The second part will present a wearable anti-sprain system to prevent the injury by monitoring the injury hazard by motion sensors and preventing it by stimulating shank muscles for very quick corrective motion. Current attempts to modify the device for prehabilitation will also be presented. Continue reading

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Post run recovery – Do you need protein?

The International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism published by Human Kinetics has examined whether carbohydrate-protein ingestion influences muscle glycogen metabolism during short-term recovery from exhaustive treadmill running and subsequent exercise.

Six endurance-trained individuals underwent two trials in a randomised double-blind design, each involving an initial run-to-exhaustion at 70% VO2max (Run-1) followed by 4-hour recovery and subsequent run-to-exhaustion at 70% VO2max (Run-2).

Beverages were ingested at 30-min intervals during recovery, one group had a drink consuming carbohydrate-protein (0.8 g carbohydrate·kg body mass [BM-1]·h-1 plus 0.4 g protein·kg BM-1·h-1) this we will call CHO-P. The other had isocaloric carbohydrate (1.2 g carbohydrate·kg BM-1·h-1) which we will call CHO.

The results found that the addition of protein did not alter muscle glycogen utilisation or time to fatigue during repeated exhaustive running.

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Can exercise improve children’s learning?

The natural order of classrooms has always been for children to sit. Whether it involves talking, discussion, working in groups or just listening to teachers, most of the time children do this from the comfort of a chair.

On average, most primary school children spend 70% of their classroom time sitting down. Outside the classroom the number of children walking to school has decreased and, at the same time, many more children are now spending longer staring at screens. A 2015 study found that children aged 5 to 16 now spend an average of six and half hours a day in front of a screen. This is compared with around three hours in 1995.

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Dance and Creative Wellness Forum

Dance and Creative Wellness Forum
Berlin Staatsballett
31st March & 1st April 2017

We are pleased to announce we will once again be supporting The Dance & Creative Wellness Foundation’s ‘think tank’ day of professionals and ‘movers and shakers’ from across the arts hosted at StaatsBallett Berlin.

31st March sees professional representatives from Staatsballett Berlin, Rambert Ballet, Konzert Theater Bern, Compañia Nacional de Danza, Ballet Preljocaj and Mark Morris Dance Company, New York amongst others, interface and brainstorm with representatives of innovation in health and wellness. 

1st April will be a day of ‘free’ Dance & Creative Wellness Professional Development, hosted by The Dance & Creative Wellness Foundation and Tamed with guest teaching artists and practitioners from Germany, Netherlands and Switzerland.

There are a limited number of places available. For more information or to attend e-mail:

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Journal of the Month – Journal of Sport Management


Our journal of the month for March is the Journal of Sport Management (JSM). The journal has been in existence since 1987 and has an impact factor of 0.684.

JSM published its 30th volume in 2016 and to celebrate, editor-in-chief David Shilbury compiled a list of some of the most important research published by the journal over the years. Dr. Shilbury selected these articles to capture the most cited papers over a range of years, while also capturing the range of papers published by the journal. He sought to include papers on economic impact, management, marketing and sport development.

For a limited time, we’ve made this research available to you as open access content, so that you may discover the range of research presented over the life of JSM.

For more info check out JSM news. Continue reading