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Confessions of an emotional eater: 8 tips to avoid emotional eating

Whether you’re feeling happy, sad, stressed or anxious, many of us may turn to food when we’re experiencing a certain emotion. In this post, adapted from Diet Lies and Weight Loss Truths, author Melody Schoenfeld talks us through how to break the habit. What is emotional eating? A basic definition of emotional eating is spontaneous, non-hunger-based eating that is triggered by some sort of emotion, such as stress, depression, boredom, panic, anxiety, social situations, and even joy and celebrations. Emotional eating is often compared to binge eating, but there is a difference between the two; that difference is essentially the quantity of the foods being eaten. While emotional eating might be something like tearing into a pint of ice cream after a breakup, binge eating is rapidly consuming huge amounts of food to the point where you are phenomenally overstuffed. A binge-eating session might include hiding food or making sure binging sessions happen when you are alone. While emotional eating and binge eating aren’t the same thing, they can be intertwined—emotional eating may lead to binge eating, …

6 common sports nutrition questions answered

Every athlete knows that physical training alone won’t get them to where they want to be. An athlete’s performance is determined by a number of factors, with nutrition being key. But with so much conflicting information out there about what athletes should or shouldn’t do when it comes to nutrition, we felt it was time to provide the facts. In this post we address 6 sports nutrition questions adapted from Advanced Sports Nutrition, so you can maximise your potential as an athlete. Question 1: As an athlete, is it true that protein is the most important macronutrient for me to consume? There is no hierarchy of importance in the energy substrates; all are critically important and fulfill necessary biological functions. However, there is a common belief among athletes that the consumption of protein is critical to athletic success, often to the detriment of carbohydrate and fat. As a consequence of the overemphasis on protein, the inadequate consumption of carbohydrate appears to be the most likely to result in poor performance.  Only a limited amount of …

How diet and lifestyle choices impact athletic performance and risk of infection

How diet and lifestyle choices impact athletic performance and risk of infection

Professional athletes like football (Soccer) players are exposed to large amounts of physiological and psychological stress, which can increase infection susceptibility and threaten availability for training and competition. A new journal article investigates what effect diet and lifestyle choices have on those at increased risk.