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How to Get Stronger Without Getting Bigger: Building Strength and Muscle Density

This article was written by Mark Laws at Future Fit Training Many individuals aspire to increase their physical strength without necessarily adding significant muscle mass. Whether it’s for athletic performance, weight management, or personal preference, there are methods to achieve greater strength gains without substantial muscle growth. This blog will explore how to get stronger, the possibility of increasing strength without getting bigger, and whether it is possible to simultaneously build muscle and burn fat. How to Get Stronger: Firstly, let’s dissect the fundamentals required to increase strength… Is It Possible to Get Stronger Without Getting Bigger? Contrary to popular belief, it is indeed possible to enhance strength without a significant increase in muscle size. Strength gains are primarily determined by neurological adaptations, improved muscle fiber recruitment, and enhanced muscle coordination, rather than solely by muscle growth.  Muscle Density and Getting Stronger Muscle density refers to the concentration of muscle fibres within a given muscle volume. By engaging in strength training exercises, you can enhance muscle density, leading to stronger muscles without substantial growth in size. Increased muscle …

Which muscles does the deadlift work out?

This article is written by our guest author, Future Fit Training.  There are three main deadlift variations; The Trap Bar/Hex Bar Deadlift, The Sumo Deadlift, and The Conventional Deadlift. Each of them focuses on a different muscle strength so it’s important as a Personal Trainer you understand the different variations, what muscles they work out and how to teach them with the correct form. For a more in-depth view discover Future Fit’s training courses here: Fitness & Nutrition Courses | Take your Hobby to the Next Level | Future Fit

Spinal injury prevention for MMA fighters

Bone fractures, joint dislocation, concussing and bruising may all seem like unavoidable parts of the sport when it comes to mixed martial arts (MMA). Injuries, both contact and non-contact can occur both in fights and in training. As a result, muscle strength and muscular endurance are critical for injury prevention due to muscles’ role in joint stabilisation and force production.

How to train for muscle building vs. fat loss

Many people train to either lose weight or build muscle, so with these specific training goals in mind it is important to understand the impact of the different types of training and nutrition in meeting these goals. In this excerpt from Elite Physique: The New Science of Building a Better Body we explore the core training principles you’ll need to know to build muscle or lose fat.

Should you incorporate cardio into The M.A.X Muscle Plan?

If you’re on the journey to build muscle and transform your physique you’ll no doubt be following Brad Schoenfeld’s M.A.X Muscle Plan. The plan takes you through everything you need to build muscle, with a variety of strength training exercises for each part of the body, plus nutrition advice. But, can you add cardio to your muscle-building regime? Or will it hinder your progress? We explore in this adapted excerpt from Brad Schoenfeld’s The M.A.X Muscle Plan 2.0.