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How to achieve attention and focus in dance via online channels

In this post author of Attention and Focus in Dance, Clare Guss-West, writes about how to achieve attention and focus in dance when teaching or learning dance via online platforms. Many dancers and teachers are facing the prospect of further restrictive measures and moving into 2021 continuing to dance and learn through virtual means. In 2020 we all demonstrated tremendous adaptability and creativity, quickly developing new technological and presentational skills in order to adapt to the circumstances. For some dancing publics even, advantages were experienced as dance became more accessible and more dance-per-week than ever became possible. Let’s not fool ourselves however, dancing with a screen is a great resource to have in extremis, however in terms of our ability to attend to the learning material – it’s a very different experience. As dancers first and foremost we need to be patient with ourselves and try to understand the attentional frustrations that we are experiencing. Dancing with a screen is the equivalent of suffering sudden ‘sensorial impairment’ overnight. Live in the dance studio, we learn by taking …

Attention and Focus in Dance: Interactive session

Clare Guss-West, author of Attention and Focus in Dance, recently led an interactive session at the virtual Dance Health Finland conference. Take a look at the session below (available until 31st May). The simple exercise examples Clare offers in this workshop are focused to help participants observe and compare what they think or feel during the internal and external cues. Clare encourages observations about the energy and effort required, asks questions to guide reflection about the differences experienced, and teaches for understanding about what is happening in the dance practice for the dancer. The session concludes with Johanna Osmala, president of Dance Health Finland, asking Clare a few questions to gain further insight into her work. Adapted from: Attention and Focus in Dance Clare Guss-West Buy the book

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How to forge a successful career in dance

Building a career in dance isn’t always easy. Jobs are competitive, funding can be limited and roles often aren’t full time.  As a result, it’s important that as an aspiring dance professional you approach your career in the spirit of entrepreneurship in order to identify and pursue the most productive professional path for you. In this article we explore the challenges you may face and the qualities you will need to forge a successful career in dance, adapted from Ali Duffy’s Careers in Dance. Qualities for a successful dance career Self-motivation There is rarely a time in a dance career that does not demand your persistent drive toward the next goal or job or promotion. You must be prepared to keep pushing yourself throughout your career because dance requires you to be completely present—and completely you—every day. Resilience and self-care Since many jobs in dance are highly competitive, you will likely experience a lot of rejection in the field. As a result, many dance professionals highlight the necessity for resilience and strategies for self-care. It’s important …