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Sugar-free and ‘diet’ drinks no better for healthy weight than full sugar drinks

Sugar-free and ‘diet’ drinks are often seen as the healthier option, however, researchers from the Imperial College London argue that they are no more helpful for maintaining a healthy weight that their full-sugar counterparts. The research was conducted by academics from Imperial College London, University of Sao Paulo and Federal University of Pelotas, Brazil. They provided a commentary on current research and policy into sweetened drinks. They found that not only were they sugar-free drinks no better from weight loss, but that they may also be detrimental to the environment.

Children’s packed lunches not meeting nutritional standards

A new study published yesterday has found only a small proportion of children’s pack lunches are meeting nutritional standards. Almost half of all primary school pupils take a packed lunch to school, however researchers from the University of Leeds found that just 1.6 per cent of these packed lunches met the nutritional standards set for their classmates eating in the school canteen.