Jim Stoppani

Supplements for strength and size by Jim Stoppani

What supplements should you be taking to get bigger and stronger and when should you take nutritional supplements?

In Jim Stoppani’s Encyclopaedia of Muscle & Strength, Second Edition Chapter 27 is all about nutrition for maximising muscle mass and strength, Stoppani states that there are 10 goals to achieve this, one of which is to supplement before and after workouts.

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The successful green vegan story of Forest Green Rovers FC

On Sunday 14th May the world’s greenest football club (as recognised by FIFA) Forest Green Rovers won promotion to the English Football League. Known as the ‘little club on the hill’ the Nailsworth-based club are not only the greenest club but they are also the smallest town to have a professional football club with a population of just 5,794 people.

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Free nutrition course launched for primary teachers

Last week, the British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) launched a new professional development platform for primary school teachers. The free online course comes in response to the results of research which showed teachers were getting little training in the area of nutrition, yet poor nutrition and an unhealthy lifestyle are being increasingly linked with academic performance.

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Fitness Illustrated

See an astonishing new you with Fitness Illustrated

Fitness Illustrated is a visual, straightforward approach to core fitness concepts, exercise programming, nutrition, and weight management. Photos, illustrations, and explanations depict how a body changes through aerobic and strength training so you can customise routines to maximise benefits and address specific needs and goals. Continue reading See an astonishing new you with Fitness Illustrated

The surprising benefits of chocolate

Easter is fast approaching, a time of year where many of us love to indulge in chocolate eggs. Most people tend to feel guilty for eating chocolate but is it really as bad as people make out? Surprisingly there are a lot of benefits to eating chocolate as this timely post explains.

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